Water Resources Data—California, Water Year 2004. Volume 4. Northern Central Valley Basins and The Great Basin from Honey Lake Basin to Oregon State Line

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Water Resources Data Report CA-04-4


Water-resources data for the 2004 water year for California consist of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams, stage and contents in lakes and reservoirs, and water levels and water quality in wells. Volume 4 contains discharge records for 188 gaging stations, stage and contents for 62 lakes and reservoirs, gage-height records for 1 station, water quality for 20 streamflow-gaging stations and 1 partial-record stations. Also included are 4 miscellaneous partial-record sites. These data represent that part of the National Water Data System operated by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating State and Federal agencies in California.

Table of Contents


Surface-Water and Water-Quality Stations in Downstream Order for which records are Published in this Volume

Discontinued Gaging Stations

Discontinued Lakes and Reservoirs

Discontinued Continuous Water-Quality Stations



Downstream Order and Station Number

Numbering System for Wells and Miscellaneous Sites

Special Networks and Programs

Explanation of Stage- and Water-Discharge Records

Data Collection and Computation

Data Presentation

Station Manuscript

Peak Discharge Greater than Base Discharge

Data Table of Daily Mean Values

Statistics of Monthly Mean Data

Summary Statistics

Identifying Estimated Daily Discharge

Accuracy of Field Data and Computed Results

Other Data Records Available

Explanation of Precipitation Records

Data Collection and Computation

Data Presentation

Explanation of Water-Quality Records

Collection and Examination of Data

Water Analysis

Surface-Water-Quaity Records

Classification of Records

Accuracy of the Records

Arrangement of Records

On-Site Measurements and Sample Collection

Water Temperature


Laboratory Measurements

Data Presentation

Remark Codes

Water-Quality Control Data

Blank Samples

Reference Samples

Replicate Samples

Spike Samples

Access to USGS Water Data

Definition of Terms

Surface-Water-Discharge and Surface-Water-Quality Records

Remark Codes—Continued

Dissolved Trace-Element Concentrations

Data Precision

Discharge at Partial-Record Stations and Miscellaneous Sites

Special study and miscellaneous sites

Analyses of Samples Collected at Water-Quality Partial-Record Sites


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