Water Resources Data, Connecticut, Water Year 2004

By Jonathan Morrison, P.L. Provencher, J.W. Martin, and J.R. Norris


Prepared in cooperation with the State of Connecticut and other agencies


March 2005


This Water Data report is available as a pdf.



This report includes records on both surface and ground water in the State. Specifically, it contains: (1) discharge records for 51 streamflow-gaging stations and for 42 partial-record streamflow stations and miscellaneous sites; (2) stage-only records for 4 tidal-gaging stations; (3) water-quality records for 16 streamflow-gaging stations, for 20 ungaged stream sites, and temperature at 1 reservoir site; and (4) water-level records for 74 observation wells. Additional data are published for 3 miscellaneous surface-water sites and for 60 miscellaneous ground-water sites, which were not part of the systematic data-collection program.



List of surface-water stations, in downstream order, for which records are published in this volume

List of ground-water wells, by county, for which records are published in this volume

Discontinued surface-water discharge or stage-only stations

Discontinued surface-water-quality stations



Summary of hydrologic conditions

Special networks and programs

Explanation of the records

Downstream order and station number

Numbering system for wells and miscellaneous sites

Explanation of stage and water-discharge records

Explanation of water-quality records

Surface-water-quality records

Explanation of ground-water-level records

Ground-water-quality data

Access to USGS water data

Definition of terms

Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations of the U.S. Geological Survey

Station records, surface water

Discharge at partial-record stations and miscellaneous sites

Analysis of samples collected at miscellaneous sites

Station records, ground water

Analysis of samples collected at miscellaneous sites

Ground-water levels


For more information:


U.S. Geological Survey

101 Pitkin St.

East Hartford, CT 06108

(860) 291-6740


Information about the USGS Connecticut Water Science Center is available on the Internet at http://ct.water.usgs


Information about all USGS reports and products is available by calling 1-888-ASK-USGS or on the Internet via the World Wide Web at

Additional earth science information is available by accessing the USGS home page at

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