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Water-Data Report FL-04-2A

Water Resources Data-Florida
Water Year 2004

Volume 2A. South Florida Surface Water


By C. Price, J. Woolverton and K. Overton


This report is available as a pdf.



Water resources data for 2004 water year in Florida consists of continuous or daily discharge for 405 streams, periodic discharge for 12 streams, continuous or daily stage for 159 streams, periodic stage for 19 stream, peak discharge for 30 streams, and peak stage for 30 streams, continuous or daily elevations for 14 lakes, periodic elevations for 23 lakes, continuous ground-water levels for 408 wells, periodic ground-water levels for 1188 wells, quality of water data for 140 surface-water sites, and 240 wells.

The data for South Florida included continuous or daily discharge for 86 streams, continuous or daily stage for 54 streams, no peak stage discharge for streams, 1 continuous elevation for lake, continuous ground-water levels for 257 wells, periodic ground-water levels for 226 wells, water quality for 39 surface-water sites, and 149 wells.

These data represent the National Water Data System records collected by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating local, State, and Federal agencies in Florida.






Summary of Hydrologic Conditions

Special Networks and Programs

Explanation of the Records

Station Identification Numbers

Downstream Order and Station Numbe

Numbering System for Wells and Miscellaneous Sites

Explanation of Stage and Water-Discharge Records

Data Collection and Computation

Data Presentation

Station Manuscript

Peak Discharge greater than Base Discharge

Daily Table of Daily Mean Values

Statistics of Monthly Mean Data

Summary Statistics

Identifying Estimated Daily Discharge

Accuracy of Field Data and Computed Results

Other Data Records Available

Explanation of Precipitation Records

Data Collection and Computation

Data Presentation

Explanation of Water-Quality Records

Collection and Examination of Data

Water Analysis

Surface-Water Quality Records

Classification of Records

Accuracy of the Records

Arrangement of Records

On-Site Measurements and Sample Collection

Water Temperature


Laboratory Measurements

Data Presentation

Remark Codes

Water-Quality Control Data

Blank Samples

Reference Samples

Replicate Samples

Spike Samples

Explanation of Ground-Water Level Records

Site Identification Numbers

Data Collection and Computation

Accuracy of Ground-Water Level Data

Method-Independent Factors

Method-Related Factors

Data Presentation

Water-Level Tables


Explanation of Records of Bulk Electrical Conductivity

Data Collection and Computation

Accuracy of Bulk Electrical Conductivity

Data Presentation

Records of Ground-Water Quality

Data Collection and Computation

Laboratory Measurements

Data Presentation

Access to USGS Water Data

Definition of Terms


The full report is available as a pdf (26.9).


This report is also available in smaller sections as follows:


Pages i-38 (1.5Mb)

Stage, Discharge, and Water Quality of Streams, p 39-356

Surface Water Quality Records Field Measurements, p 357-366 (103KB)

Index to Surface Water Sites in this Report, p 367-374 (55KB)




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National Technical Information Center,

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Information about the USGS, Florida Integrated Science Center, is available on the Internet at http://fl.water.usgs.gov

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