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Water Data 2004

U.S. Geological Survey
Water Resources Data
Water Year 2004

By Scott E. Morlock, Hieu T. Nguyen and Deborah K. Majors
Water-Data Report IN-04-1

The report has been broken into several sections to more easily locate a specific section and to aid in downloading.
If you are unsure which section to download:

Cover of Water Data Report IN-04-1.

  1. Pages i to iv: This includes the preface, and the report documentation page.
  2. Pages v to xiii: The table of contents.
  3. Pages xiv to xix: List of discontinued stations.
  4. Pages 1 to 53: Introduction, information on Indiana's climate divisions, and an explanation of the records; also publications on techniques and selected references.
  5. Pages 54 to 56: Maps showing the location of gaging stations in Indiana.
  6. Pages 57 to 82: Great Miami River Basin, Indian-Kentuck River Basin, Silver Creek Basin, Buck Creek Basin, Indian Creek Basin, Blue River Basin, Anderson River Basin, and Crooked Creek Basin gaging station information.
  7. Pages 83 to 111: Wabash River Basin gaging station information (part 1).
  8. Pages 112 to 149: Wabash River Basin gaging station information (part 2).
  9. Pages 150 to 187: Wabash River Basin gaging station information (part 3).
  10. Pages 188 to 224 Wabash River Basin gaging station information (part 4).
  11. Pages 225 to 261: Wabash River Basin gaging station information (part 5).
  12. Pages 262 to 298: Wabash River Basin gaging station information (part 6).
  13. Pages 299 to 335: Wabash River Basin gaging station information (part 7).
  14. Pages 336 to 359: Grand Calumet River Basin, Burns Waterway, Trail Creek Basin, Galien River Basin, and St. Joseph River Basin gaging station information.
  15. Pages 360 to 383: Maumee River Basin.
  16. Pages 384 to 408: Illinois River Basin, Des Plaines River gaging station information, and misc. Wabash River Basin discharge and water quality sites.
  17. Pages 409 to 424: Lake gaging station information.
  18. Pages 425 to 462: Ground water well information.
  19. Pages 463 to 496: Miscellaneous project data.
  20. Pages 497 to 501: Index and conversion chart.

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