U.S. Geological Survey
Water-Data Report KS-04-1

Water Resources Data--Kansas, Water Year 2004

By J.E. Putnam and D.R. Schneider



Water-resources data for the 2004 water year for Kansas consist of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams; elevation and contents of lakes and reservoirs; and water levels of ground-water wells. This report contains records for water discharge at 155 complete-record gaging stations; elevation and contents at 17 lakes and reservoirs; water-quality records at 2 precipitation stations, water-level data at 14 observation wells; and records of specific conductance, pH, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity at 16 gaging stations and 2 lakes with water-quality monitors. Also included are discharge data for 29 high-flow partial-record stations. These data represent that part of the National Water Information System collected by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with local, State, and Federal agencies in Kansas.

The Kansas Water Resources Data report for water year 2004 is available in the Portable Document Format (PDF) files listed below. Adobe Acrobat Reader® is needed to view or print these files. Download a free copy of Acrobat Reader®

Front Cover to References (cover 1 to page 42) (PDF size 3.66 mb)

Missouri River Basin, Turkey Creek near Seneca, KS, station 06814000 to Kansas River Basin, Lyon Creek near Junction City, station 06878600 (pages 43 to 142) (PDF size 8.64 mb)

Kansas River Basin, Kansas River at Fort Riley, KS, station 06879100 to Osage River Basin, Marmaton River near Marmaton, KS, station 06917380 (pages 143 to 397) (PDF size 14.9 mb)

Lower Mississippi River Basin, Arkansas River Basin, Frontier Ditch near Coolidge, KS, station 07137000 to Arkansas River at Derby, KS, station 07144550 (pages 398 to 509) (PDF size 6.75 mb)

Lower Mississippi River Basin, Arkansas River Basin, North Fork Ninnescah River above Cheney Reservoir, KS, station 07144780 to Lightning Creek near McCune, KS, station 07184000 (pages 510 to 605) (PDF 5.61 mb)

Discharge at Partial-Record Station to Back Cover (pages 606 to 635) (PDF size 1.68 mb)



Illustrations and tables
List of surface-water stations, in downstream order, for which records are published
List of discontinued streamflow-gaging stations
List of discontinued water-quality streamflow-gaging stations
Summary of hydrologic conditions
Surface water
Surface-water quality
Ground water
Downstream order and station number
Numbering system for wells and miscellaneous sites
Special networks and programs
Explanation of stage- and water-discharge records
Data collection and computation
Data presentation
Station manuscript
Peak discharge greater than base discharge
Data table of daily mean values
Statistics of monthly mean data
Summary statistics
Identifying estimated daily discharge
Accuracy of field data and computed results
Other data records available
Explanation of precipitation records
Data collection and computation
Data presentation
Explanation of water quality records
Collection and examination of data
Water analysis
Surface-water-quality records
Classification of records
Accuracy of the records
Arrangement of records
Onsite measurements and sample collection
Water temperature
Laboratory measurements
Data presentation
Remark codes
Water-quality control data
Blank samples
Reference samples
Replicate samples
Spike samples
Explanation of ground-water-level records
Site identification numbers
Data collection and computation
Data presentation
Water-level tables
Ground-water-quality data
Data collection and computation
Laboratory measurements
Access to USGS water data
Definition of terms
Surface-water records
Discharge at partial-record stations
Ground-water records
Ground-water levels, measured quarterly or annually
Ground-water levels, measured daily
Chemical quality of precipitation

Putnam, J.E. and Schneider, D.R., 2005, Water resources data--Kansas, water year 2004: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Data Report KS-04-1, 635 p..

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