U.S. Geological Survey

Water-Data Report KY-04-1


Water Resources Data, Kentucky, Water Year 2004

By Dennis L. McClain, Clifford R. Moses, and Roy S. Darnell



Water resources data for the 2004 water year for Kentucky consist of records of stage, discharge, and water-quality of streams and lakes; and water levels of wells. This report includes daily discharge records for 131 stream-stations. It also includes water-quality data for 15 stations sampled at regular intervals, continuous temperature at 7 stations, and continuous water-quality at 11 stations. Ground-water levels are published for 8 recording and 22 partial record sites. Precipitation data at a regular interval are published for two sites. Additional water data were collected at various sites not involved in the systematic data-collection program and are published as miscellaneous measurements and analyses. These data represent that part of the National Water Data System operated by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating State and Federal agencies in Kentucky.

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Front Cover to Table of Contents (cover 1 to page xii) (PDF size 449.06 KB)

Introduction to Figure 9, Location of water-quality stations in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties Kentucky (pages 1 to 53) (PDF size 5.09 MB)

Big Sandy River Basin, Grapevine Creek near Phyllis, Ky., station number 03207965 to Licking River Basin, Cruises Creek at Highway 17 near Piner, Ky., station number 03254480 (pages 54 to 135) (PDF size 5.28 MB)

Licking River Basin, Banklick Creek at Highway 1829 near Erlanger, Ky., station number 03254550 to Kentucky River Basin, Sturgeon Creek at Cressmont, Ky., station number 03282040 (pages 136 to 213) (PDF size 5.75 MB)

Kentucky River Basin, Kentucky River at Lock 12 near Irvine, Ky., station number 03282120 to Goose Creek Basin, Little Goose Creek near Harrods Creek, Ky., station number 03292480 (pages 214 to 297) (PDF 4.57 MB)

Beargrass Creek Basin, South Fork Beargrass Creek at Louisville, Ky., station number 03292500 to Ohio River Main Stem, Ohio River at Cannelton Dam, Ky., station number 03303280 (pages 298 to 377) (PDF 4.41 MB)

Green River Basin, Green River near Campbellsville, Ky., station number 03306000 to Ohio River Main Stem, Ohio River at Smithland Dam, Smithland, Ky., station number 03399800 (pages 378 to 441) (PDF 4.28 MB)

Cumberland River Basin, Martins Fork Lake at Martins Fork Dam near Smith, Ky., station number 03400798 to South Fork Cumberland River at Yamacraw, Ky., station 03410600 (pages 442 to 517) (PDF 5.94 MB)

Cumberland River Basin, Beaver Creek near Monticello, Ky., station 03413200 to Bayou de Chien Basin, Bayou de Chien near Clinton, Ky., station 07024000 (pages 518 to 563) (PDF 2.93 MB)

Discharge at Partial-Record Stations and Miscellaneous Sites to Cumberland River Basin, Little River at Crute Road Bridge near Cadiz, Ky., station number 03438080 (pages 564 to 617) (PDF 3.13 MB)

Figure 10, Location of observation wells in Graves County, Ky., to Chemical Quality of Precipitation, Clark State Fish Hatchery, Rowan County, Ky., station number 380706083324900 (pages 618 to 641) (PDF 920.31 KB)

Discontinued Surface-Water Discharge or Stage-Only Stations to Discontinued Ground-Water Stations (pages 642 to 662) (PDF 199.28 KB)

Index to Back Cover (pages 663 to cover 4) (PDF 170.38 KB)


Entire volume (684 pages) (6.4MB) This version of the report is not Section 508 compliant because it is intended for printing only.



List of gaging stations, in downstream order, for which records are published

List of ground-water wells, by county, for which records are published

List of precipitation-quality stations, by county, for which records are published



Summary of hydrologic conditions

Surface water

Quality of water

Ground-water levels

Downstream order system

Numbering system for wells and miscellaneous sites

Special networks and programs

Explanation of stage and water discharge records

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Station manuscript

Peak discharge greater than base discharge

Data table of daily mean values

Statistics of monthly mean data

Summary statistics

Identifying estimated daily discharge

Accuracy of field dat and computed results

Other records available

Explanation of precipitation-quality records

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Explanation of surface-water quality records

Classification of records

Accuracy of the records

Arrangement of records

On-site measurements and sample collection

Water temperature


Laboratory measurements

Data presentation

Remarks codes

Water-quality control data

Blank samples

Reference samples

Replicate samples

Spike samples

Explanation of ground-water level records

Site identification numbers

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Access to USGS DATA

Definition of terms

Station records, surface water

Discharge at partial-record stations

Crest-stage partial-record stations

Miscellaneous discharge measurements

Water quality samples taken at miscellaneous sites

Station records, ground water

Ground-water levels listed by county

Station records, precipitation records

Discontinued gaging-station records

Discontinued water-quality records

Discontinued ground-water records



McClain, D.L., Moses, C.R., and Darnell, R.S., 2005, Water Resources Data, Kentucky, Water Year 2004: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Data Report KY-04-1, 680 p.


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