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Peak Flow by station number

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Peak-Flow Codes

Period of
Available Data

03336100Big Four Ditch Tributary near Paxton, IL 1956-1980
03336500Bluegrass Creek at Potomac, IL 1950-1982
03336645Middle Fork Vermilion River Above Oakwood, IL 1939; 1956; 1979-2005
03336900Salt Fork near St. Joseph, IL 1959-1991; 2004-2005
03337000Boneyard Creek at Urbana, IL 1948-2005
03337100Boneyard Creek at Lincoln Ave. at Urbana, IL 2002-2005
03337500Saline Branch at Urbana, IL 1933; 1937-1975
03338000Salt Fork near Homer, IL 1939; 1945-1973; 1975-1982
03338100Salt Fork Trib near Catlin, IL 1959-1980
03338500Vermilion River near Catlin, IL 1939-1958
03338780North Fork Vermilion River near Bismarck, IL 1989-2005
03338800N F Vermilion River Tributary near Danville, IL 1956-1976
03339000Vermilion River near Danville, IL 1915-1921; 1929; 1931-2005
03341700Big Creek Tributary near Dudley, IL 1961-1975
03341900Raccoon Creek Trib near Annapolis, IL 1956-1980
03343400Embarras River near Camargo, IL 1961-2005
03343550Embarras River at State Hwy 133 nr Oakland, IL 1979-1982
03344000Embarras River near Diona, IL 1939-1940; 1943; 1945-1947; 1971-1992
03344250Embarras River Tributary near Greenup, IL 1956-1980
03344425Muddy Creek Tributary at Woodbury, IL 1959-1976
03344500Range Creek near Casey, IL 1951-1991
03345000Embarras River at Newton, IL 1940-1945
03345500Embarras River at Ste. Marie, IL 1908; 1910-1912; 1915-2005
03346000North Fork Embarras River near Oblong, IL 1941-2005
03346500Embarras River at Lawrenceville, IL 2002-2005
03378000Bonpas Creek at Browns, IL 1941-2005
03378635Little Wabash River near Effingham, IL 1967-2005
03378650Second Creek Tributary at Keptown, IL 1956-1972
03378900Little Wabash River at Louisville, IL 1943; 1950; 1958; 1966-1992
03378980Little Wabash River Trib at Clay City, IL 1959-1980
03379500Little Wabash River below Clay City, IL 1915-2005
03379650Madden Creek near West Salem, IL 1956-1976
03380300Dums Creek Tributary near Iuka, IL 1956-1980
03380350Skillet Fork near Iuka, IL 1966-1983
03380400Horse Creek Tributary near Carter, IL 1961-1972
03380450White Feather Creek near Marlow, IL 1956-1980
03380475Horse Creek near Keenes, IL 1960-1990
03380500Skillet Fork at Wayne City, IL 1909-1912; 1915-1921; 1929-2005
03381500Little Wabash River at Carmi, IL 1940-2005
03381600Little Wabash River Tributary nr New Haven, IL 1960-1976
03381700Ohio River at Old Shawneetown, IL-KY 2003-2005
03382025Little Saline Creek Tributary near Goreville, IL 1959-1980
03382100South Fork Saline River near Carrier Mills, IL 1966-2005
03382170Brushy Creek near Harco, IL 1969-1982
03382200Middle Fork Saline River near Harrisburg, IL 1924-1926; 1928-1932
03382500Saline River near Junction, IL 1937; 1940-1975
03382510Eagle Creek near Equality, IL 1967-1982
03382520Black Branch Tributary near Junction, IL 1960-1972
03384450Lusk Creek near Eddyville, IL 1968-2005
03385000Hayes Creek at Glendale, IL 1950-2005
03385500Lake Glendale Inlet near Dixon Springs, IL 1955-1980
03386000Lake Glendale Outlet near Dixon Springs, IL 1955-1963
03386500Sugar Creek near Dixon Springs, IL 1950-1981
03612000Cache River at Forman, IL 1923-2005
03612200Q Ditch Tributary near Choat, IL 1956-1976
03614000Hess Bayou Tributary near Mound City, IL 1959-1972
04087300Lake Michigan Tributary at Winthrop Harbor, IL 1956-1972
04087400Kellogg Ravine at Zion, IL 1962-1976
05414820Sinsinawa River near Menominee, IL 1968-2005
05415500East Fork Galena River at Council Hill, IL 1940-1969
05416100Mississippi R at Lock & Dam 12 at Bellevue, IA 1997
05418750South Fork Apple River near Nora, IL 1961-1980
05418800Mill Creek Tributary near Scales Mound, IL 1956-1975
05418980Apple River Tributary near Hanover, IL 1968-1976
05419000Apple River near Hanover, IL 1935-2005
05419500Plum River near Savanna, IL 1935-1941
05420000Plum River Bl Carroll Creek nr Savanna, IL 1941-1977
05420100Plum River at Savanna, IL 1995-1997
05435000Cedar Creek near Winslow, IL 1952-1976
05435500Pecatonica River at Freeport, IL 1914-2005
05435650Lost Creek Tributary near Shannon, IL 1961-1976
05436900Otter Creek Tributary near Durand, IL 1961-1980
05437000Pecatonica River at Shirland, IL 1937; 1940-1971
05437050Pecatonica River nr Shirland, IL 2003-2005
05437500Rock River at Rockton, IL 1904-1908; 1915-1919; 1937; 1940-2005
05437600Rock River Tributary near Rockton, IL 1961-1976
05437695Keith Creek at Eighth Street at Rockford, IL 1980-1986
05437950Kishwaukee River near Huntley, IL 1965-1978
05438080North Branch Kishwaukee River near Union, IL 1970-1978
05438146South Br Kishwaukee River (East) at Union, IL 1970-1977
05438170Kishwaukee River at Marengo, IL 1970-1976; 1978-1979
05438250Coon Creek at Riley, IL 1962-1991
05438300Lawrence Creek Tributary near Harvard, IL 1961-1980
05438390Piscasaw Creek Below Mokeler Creek nr Capron, IL 1970-1979
05438500Kishwaukee River at Belvidere, IL 1940-2005
05438850M Br Of So Br Kishwaukee R nr Malta, IL 1956-1980
05439000South Branch Kishwaukee River at Dekalb, IL 1926-1933; 1980-2005
05439130Virgil Ditch No 3 at Virgil, IL 1979-1980
05439500South Branch Kishwaukee River near Fairdale, IL 1937; 1940-2005
05439550South Branch Kishwaukee River Trib nr Irene, IL 1959-1976
05440000Kishwaukee River near Perryville, IL 1938; 1940-2005
05440500Killbuck Creek near Monroe Center, IL 1940-1980
05440650Stillman Creek Tributary near Holcomb, IL 1959-1976
05440700Rock River at Byron, IL 2001-2005
05440900Leaf River Tributary near Forreston, IL 1956-1976; 1978-1979
05441000Leaf River at Leaf River, IL 1938; 1940-1982
05441500Rock River at Oregon, IL 1937; 1940-1949
05442000Kyte River near Flagg Center, IL 1937; 1940-1951
05443500Rock River at Como, IL 1915-1976; 1978-1986; 1991-2005
05444000Elkhorn Creek near Penrose, IL 1938; 1940-2005
05444100Spring Creek Tributary near Coleta, IL 1959-1972
05445500Rock Creek near Morrison, IL 1937; 1940-1971
05446000Rock Creek at Morrison, IL 1940-1971; 1978-2000
05446500Rock River near Joslin, IL 1940-2005
05446950Green River Tributary near Amboy, IL 1961-1976
05447000Green River at Amboy, IL 1940-1976; 1978-1982
05447050Green River Tributary No 2 near Ohio, IL 1959-1972
05447200Normandy Ditch at Normandy, IL 1956-1971
05447350Mud Creek Tributary near Atkinson, IL 1961-1976
05447500Green River near Geneseo, IL 1936-2005
05448000Mill Creek at Milan, IL 1936; 1940-1986; 1990-2005
05448050Sand Creek near Milan, IL 1956-1980
05466000Edwards River near Orion, IL 1924; 1941-2005
05466500Edwards River near New Boston, IL 1935-2005
05467000Pope Creek near Keithsburg, IL 1935-1986; 1991-1996; 1998-2005
05467500Henderson Creek near Little York, IL 1924; 1941-1958; 1960-1982
05468000North Henderson Creek near Seaton, IL 1935; 1941-1951
05468500Cedar Creek at Little York, IL 1924; 1941-1978; 1980-2005
05469000Henderson Creek near Oquawka, IL 1924; 1935-1996; 1998-2005
05469500South Henderson Creek at Biggsville, IL 1924; 1940-1976; 1978-1982
05469750Ellison Creek Tributary near Roseville, IL 1956-1980
05495200Little Creek near Breckenridge, IL 1956-1975; 1977-1980
05495500Bear Creek near Marcelline, IL 1944-2005
05496900Homan Creek Tributary near Quincy, IL 1956-1976
05501500Burton Creek Tributary near Burton, IL 1961-1976
05502020Hadley Creek near Barry, IL 1956-1990; 1992-2005
05502040Hadley Creek at Kinderhook, IL 1939-1981; 1983-1986
05502120Kiser Creek Trib near Barry, IL 1956-1980
05512500Bay Creek at Pittsfield, IL 1926; 1940-2005
05513000Bay Creek at Nebo, IL 1916; 1940-1986
05513200Salt Spring Creek near Gilead, IL 1956-1978; 1980
05520000Singleton Ditch at Illinoi, IL 1945-1977
05520500Kankakee River at Momence, IL 1915-2005
05525000Iroquois River at Iroquois, IL 1945-2005
05525050Eastburn Hollow near Sheldon, IL 1956-1972
05525500Sugar Creek at Milford, IL 1949-2005
05526000Iroquois River near Chebanse, IL 1913; 1924-2005
05526150Kankakee River Tributary near Bourbonnais, IL 1956-1980
05526500Terry Creek near Custer Park, IL 1950-1975
05527050Prairie Creek near Frankfort, IL 1956-1972
05527500Kankakee River near Wilmington, IL 1883; 1887; 1915-2005
05527800Des Plaines River at Russell, IL 1960-2005
05527840Des Plaines River at Wadsworth, IL 1962-1976
05527870Mill Creek at Wedges Corner, IL 1960; 1962-1976
05527900North Mill Creek at Hickory Corners, IL 1960; 1962-1976
05527950Mill Creek at Old Mill Creek, IL 1960; 1962-1976; 1990-2005
05528000Des Plaines River near Gurnee, IL 1946-1958; 1960-2005
05528030Bull Creek near Libertyville, IL 1990-1996
05528150Indian Creek at Diamond Lake, IL 1960-1976
05528170Diamond Lake Drain at Mundelein, IL 1961-1976
05528200Hawthorn Drainage Ditch near Mundelein, IL 1961-1976
05528230Indian Creek at Prairie View, IL 1960-1961; 1963-1965; 1967-1971; 1973-1976; 1990-1996
05528360Aptakisic Creek at Aptakisic, IL 1961-1976
05528400Des Plaines River at Wheeling, IL 1962-1963; 1967; 1969-1970; 1972-1977
05528440Buffalo Creek near Lake Zurich, IL 1961-1976
05528470Buffalo Creek at Long Grove, IL 1961-1976
05528500Buffalo Creek near Wheeling, IL 1953-2005
05529000Des Plaines River near Des Plaines, IL 1938; 1941-2005
05529300Mc Donald Creek near Wheeling, IL 1955; 1957; 1961-1979
05529500Mc Donald Creek near Mount Prospect, IL 1953-2005
05529900Weller Creek at Mount Prospect, IL 1961-1977; 1979
05530000Weller Creek at Des Plaines, IL 1951-2005
05530300Willow Creek at Elk Grove Village, IL 1978-1979
05530400Higgins Creek near Mount Prospect, IL 1961-1979
05530480Willow Creek at Orchard Place, IL 1955; 1957; 1961-1979
05530500Willow Creek near Park Ridge, IL 1951-1958
05530600Des Plaines River at River Grove, IL 1960-1977
05530700Silver Creek at Melrose Park, IL 1955; 1961-1980
05530800Des Plaines River at Forest Park, IL 1954-1976
05530940Salt Creek at Palatine, IL 1961-1976; 1978-1980
05530960Salt Creek near Palatine, IL 1961-1979
05530990Salt Creek at Rolling Meadows, IL 1974-2005
05531000Salt Creek near Arlington Heights, IL 1951-1976
05531020West Branch Salt Creek at Schaumburg, IL 1978-1979
05531050Salt Creek near Wood Dale, IL 1955; 1957; 1960-1979
05531080Spring Brook at Bloomingdale, IL 1961-1979
05531100Meacham Creek at Medinah, IL 1956-1972; 1978-1979
05531130Spring Brook at Walnut Ave at Itasca, IL 1961-1976; 1978-1979
05531200Salt Creek at Addison, IL 1948; 1950; 1955; 1957; 1960-1976
05531300Salt Creek at Elmhurst, IL 1948; 1950; 1955; 1957; 1960-1980; 1989-2005
05531380Salt Creek at Oak Brook, IL 1948; 1950; 1955; 1957; 1960-1976
05531500Salt Creek at Western Springs, IL 1946-2005
05531800Addison Creek at Northlake, IL 1961-1973; 1975-1980
05532000Addison Creek at Bellwood, IL 1951-2005
05532500Des Plaines River at Riverside, IL 1914-2005
05533000Flag Creek near Willow Springs, IL 1951-2005
05533200Sawmill Creek Tributary near Tiedtville, IL 1961-1977; 1979
05533300Wards Creek near Woodridge, IL 1962-1976
05533400Sawmill Creek near Lemont, IL 1961-1979; 1986-2005
05533500Des Plaines River at Lemont, IL 1915-1944
05534300North Branch Chicago River at Lake Forest, IL 1961-1976
05534400North Branch Chicago River at Bannockburn, IL 1960-1976
05534500North Branch Chicago River at Deerfield, IL 1953-2005
05534600North Branch Chicago River at Northfield, IL 1960-1976; 1978-1980
05534900Skokie River at Lake Bluff, IL 1962-1976
05535000Skokie River at Lake Forest, IL 1952-2005
05535070Skokie River near Highland Park, IL 1967-2005
05535150Skokie River at Northfield, IL 1960-1976; 1978-1979
05535200North Branch Chicago River at Glenview, IL 1960-1977
05535300Wf Of Nb Chicago River at Bannockburn, IL 1961-1976
05535400Wf Of Nb Chicago River at Deerfield, IL 1961-1976
05535500West Fk Of N Br Chicago River at Northbrook, IL 1953-2005
05535700Wf Of Nb Chicago River at Glenview, IL 1960-1977
05535800N Branch Chicago River at Morton Grove, IL 1960-1979
05536000North Branch Chicago River at Niles, IL 1951-2005
05536105Nb Chicago River at Albany Avenue at Chicago, IL 1990-1998; 2000-2005
05536178Plum Creek near Dyer, IN 1955; 1966-1977
05536201Thorn Creek at Park Forest, IL 1955; 1957; 1962-1978
05536207Thorn Creek Tributary at Chicago Heights, IL 1962-1977
05536210Thorn Creek near Chicago Heights, IL 1965-1979
05536215Thorn Creek at Glenwood, IL 1950-2005
05536235Deer Creek near Chicago Heights, IL 1948-2005
05536238Butterfield Creek near Lincoln Estates, IL 1961-1979
05536255Butterfield Creek at Flossmoor, IL 1948-2005
05536265Lansing Ditch near Lansing, IL 1948-2005
05536270North Creek near Lansing, IL 1948-1979
05536275Thorn Creek at Thornton, IL 1947-2005
05536290Little Calumet River at South Holland, IL 1947-2005
05536310Calumet Union Drainage Ca near Markham, IL 1955; 1957; 1961-1976
05536325Little Calumet River at Harvey, IL 1917-1933
05536335Midlothian Creek near Tinley Park, IL 1954-1979
05536340Midlothian Creek at Oak Forest, IL 1951-2005
05536460Tinley Creek near Oak Forest, IL 1961-1979
05536500Tinley Creek near Palos Park, IL 1951-1955; 1957-2005
05536510Navajo Creek at Palos Heights, IL 1961-1979
05536550Stony Creek (West) Trib at Oak Lawn, IL 1976-1979
05536560Melvina Ditch near Oak Lawn, IL 1962-1980
05536570Stony Creek (West) at Worth, IL 1962-1976; 1979
05536620Mill Creek near Palos Park, IL 1961-1977
05536630Mill Creek at Palos Park, IL 1955; 1961-1979
05536995Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal at Romeoville, IL 1985-2005
05537500Long Run near Lemont, IL 1951-2005
05537980Des Plaines River at Route 53 at Joliet, IL 2005
05538000Des Plaines River at Joliet, IL 1915-1932
05538440Spring Creek near Orland Park, IL 1955; 1961-1977
05538500Spring Creek at Joliet, IL 1926-1933
05539000Hickory Creek at Joliet, IL 1902; 1926; 1942; 1945-2005
05539870West Branch Du Page River at Ontarioville, IL 1961-1979
05539890West Branch Du Page River near Wayne, IL 1955; 1961-1979
05539900West Branch Du Page River near West Chicago, IL 1961-2005
05539950Klein Creek at Carol Stream, IL 1961-1979
05540030West Br Du Page River at West Chicago, IL 1955; 1961-1979
05540060Kress Creek at West Chicago, IL 1961-1980; 1986-2005
05540080Spring Brook at Wheaton, IL 1961-1979
05540091Spring Brook at Forest Preserve near Warrenville, IL 1992-2005
05540095West Branch Du Page River near Warrenville, IL 1969-2005
05540110Ferry Creek at Warrenville, IL 1961-1979
05540130West Branch Du Page River near Naperville, IL 1989-2005
05540140East Br Du Page River nr Bloomingdale, IL 1961-1979
05540150East Br Du Page River at Glen Ellyn, IL 1961; 1963-1976; 1978-1980
05540160East Branch Du Page River near Downers Grove, IL 1955; 1961; 1963-1976; 1990-2005
05540190St. Joseph Creek at Belmont, IL 1961-1977
05540195St. Joseph Creek at Route 34 at Lisle, IL 1989-2005
05540200St. Joseph Creek at Lisle, IL 1986-1989
05540210E Br Dupage River at Rt 34 Bridge at Lisle, IL 1984
05540240Prentiss Creek near Lisle, IL 1961-1980
05540250East Branch Du Page River at Bolingbrook, IL 1989-2005
05540275Spring Brook at 87th Street near Naperville, IL 1988-2005
05540500Du Page River at Shorewood, IL 1941-2005
05541750Mazon River Tributary near Gardner, IL 1959-1980
05542000Mazon River near Coal City, IL 1924; 1940-1995; 1997-2005
05543500Illinois River at Marseilles, IL 1892; 1894-1898; 1900; 1904-2005
05547755Squaw Creek at Round Lake, IL 1990-2005
05548100Nippersink Creek at Greenwood, IL 1978-1979
05548105Nippersink Creek Above Wonder Lake, IL 1995-1997; 1999-2001
05548110Nippersink Creek Below Wonder Lake, IL 1995-1997
05548280Nippersink Creek near Spring Grove, IL 1960; 1966-2005
05549000Boone Creek near McHenry, IL 1949-1992
05549700Mutton Creek at Island Lake, IL 1960; 1962-1976
05549850Flint Creek near Fox River Grove, IL 1960; 1962-1976; 1990-1996
05549890Spring Creek at Fox River Grove, IL 1978-1979
05549900Fox River Tributary near Cary, IL 1956-1975; 1977-1979
05550000Fox River at Algonquin, IL 1916-2005
05550240Pingree Creek near Udina, IL 1977-1980
05550280Tyler Creek near Gilberts, IL 1978-1979
05550300Tyler Creek at Elgin, IL 1962-1963; 1965-1976; 1978-1980; 1998-2005
05550430East Branch Poplar Creek near Palatine, IL 1961-1977
05550450Poplar Creek near Ontarioville, IL 1961-1977
05550470Poplar Creek Trib near Bartlett, IL 1961-1979
05550500Poplar Creek at Elgin, IL 1952-2005
05551000Fox River at South Elgin, IL 1991-1998
05551030Brewster Creek at Valley View, IL 1962-1976; 1978-1979; 2003-2005
05551050Norton Creek near Wayne, IL 1957; 1962-1979
05551060Norton Creek near St. Charles, IL 1957; 1962-1979
05551100Ferson Creek at Wasco, IL 1978-1979
05551140Bowes Creek at Bowes, IL 1978-1979
05551180Ferson Creek near Fox River Heights, IL 1978-1979
05551200Ferson Creek near St. Charles, IL 1961-2005
05551320Mill Creek near La Fox, IL 1977-1980
05551330Mill Creek near Batavia, IL 1998-2005
05551500Fox River at Aurora, IL 1960; 1962-1976
05551520Indian Creek near North Aurora, IL 1961-1979
05551530Indian Creek at Aurora, IL 1961-1979
05551540Fox River at Montgomery, IL 2003-2005
05551620Blackberry Creek near Kaneville, IL 1961-1963; 1965-1967; 1969-1979
05551640Blackberry Creek near Sugar Grove, IL 1977-1979
05551650Lake Run Trib near Batavia, IL 1961-1976
05551660Lake Run near Mooseheart, IL 1977-1979
05551675Blackberry Creek near Montgomery, IL 1998-2005
05551700Blackberry Creek near Yorkville, IL 1961-2005
05551800Fox River Tributary No 2 near Fox, IL 1961-1978; 1980
05551900East Branch Big Rock Creek near Big Rock, IL 1965-1979
05551930Welch Creek near Big Rock, IL 1965-1980
05552500Fox River at Dayton, IL 1915-1924; 1926-2005
05554000N Fork Vermilion River near Charlotte, IL 1943-2005
05554500Vermilion River at Pontiac, IL 1933; 1943-1962; 1964-2005
05554600Mud Creek Tributary near Odell, IL 1959-1976
05555000Vermilion River at Streator, IL 1915-1920; 1922-1930
05555300Vermilion River near Leonore, IL 1931-2005
05555400Vermilion River Tributary at Lowell, IL 1956-1976
05555500Vermilion River at Lowell, IL 1931-1971
05555775Vermilion Creek Tributary at Meriden, IL 1959-1972
05556500Big Bureau Creek at Princeton, IL 1937-2005
05557000West Bureau Creek at Wyanet, IL 1932; 1937-1976; 1978-1991
05557100West Bureau Creek Tributary near Wyanet, IL 1956-1975; 1977; 1979
05557500East Bureau Creek near Bureau, IL 1937-2005
05558000Big Bureau Creek at Bureau, IL 1941-1951
05558050Coffee Creek Tributary near Florid, IL 1956-1976
05558075Coffee Creek Tributary near Hennepin, IL 1956-1977; 1979-1980
05558300Illinois River at Henry, IL 1982-2005
05558500Crow Creek (West) near Henry, IL 1950-1982
05559000Gimlet Creek at Sparland, IL 1924; 1946-1947; 1950-1982
05559500Crow Creek near Washburn, IL 1945-1979; 1981-1982
05560000Illinois River at Peoria, IL 1903-1906; 1910-1939
05560500Farm Creek at Farmdale, IL 1949-1985
05561000Ackerman Creek at Farmdale, IL 1954-1980
05561500Fondulac Creek near East Peoria, IL 1948-1985
05562000Farm Creek at East Peoria, IL 1943-1980
05563000Kickapoo Creek near Kickapoo, IL 1945-1976; 1978-1986; 1988-2005
05563100Kickapoo Creek Tributary near Kickapoo, IL 1956-1975; 1977-1980
05563500Kickapoo Creek at Peoria, IL 1927; 1943-2005
05564400Money Creek near Towanda, IL 1958-1982
05564500Money Creek Above Lake Bloomington, IL 1934-1958
05565000Hickory Creek Above Lake Bloomington, IL 1939-1958
05566000East Branch Panther Creek near Gridley, IL 1950-1972
05566500East Branch Panther Creek at El Paso, IL 1950-1982
05567000Panther Creek near El Paso, IL 1950-1998
05567500Mackinaw River near Congerville, IL 1945-2005
05567800Indian Creek Tributary near Hopedale, IL 1960-1971
05568000Mackinaw River near Green Valley, IL 1922-1958; 1960-2005
05568500Illinois River at Kingston Mines, IL 1941-2005
05568600Copperas Creek Tributary at Banner, IL 1956-1964
05568650Duck Creek near Canton, IL 1956-1972
05568800Indian Creek near Wyoming, IL 1960-2005
05568850Forman Creek Tributary near Victoria, IL 1961-1976
05569500Spoon River at London Mills, IL 1943-2005
05569825Cedar Creek Tributary at St. Augustine, IL 1956-1980
05570000Spoon River at Seville, IL 1916-1917; 1919-2005
05570350Big Creek at St. David, IL 1972-1986
05570360Evelyn Branch near Bryant, IL 1972-1992
05570370Big Creek near Bryant, IL 1972-1992
05570380Slug Run near Bryant, IL 1975-1992
05570500Illinois River at Havana, IL 1922-1927; 1985-1989
05570910Sangamon River at Fisher, IL 1979-2005
05571000Sangamon River at Mahomet, IL 1948-1978
05571500Goose Creek near De Land, IL 1951-1959
05572000Sangamon River at Monticello, IL 1908-1913; 1915-2005
05572100Wildcat Creek Tributary near Monticello, IL 1956-1976
05572450Friends Creek at Argenta, IL 1967-1982
05572500Sangamon River near Oakley, IL 1951-1977
05573540Sangamon River at Route 48 at Decatur, IL 1983-2005
05574000South Fork Sangamon River near Nokomis, IL 1951-1982
05574500Flat Branch near Taylorville, IL 1950-1982
05575500South Fork Sangamon River at Kincaid, IL 1916-1927; 1929-1930; 1932-1933; 1943; 1945-1992
05575800Horse Creek at Pawnee, IL 1968-1985
05575830Brush Creek near Divernon, IL 1974-1982
05576000South Fork Sangamon River near Rochester, IL 1950-2005
05576500Sangamon River at Riverton, IL 1908-1912; 1915-1927; 1929-1931; 1933-1973; 1975-1979; 1981-2005
05577500Spring Creek at Springfield, IL 1948-2005
05577520Spring Creek Tributary at Springfield, IL 1971-1976
05577700Sangamon River Tributary at Andrew, IL 1956-1975; 1977-1980
05578500Salt Creek near Rowell, IL 1943-2005
05579000Salt Creek near Kenney, IL 1908-1912
05579500Lake Fork near Cornland, IL 1943; 1948-2005
05579750Kickapoo Creek Tributary at Heyworth, IL 1956-1973
05580000Kickapoo Creek at Waynesville, IL 1948-2005
05580500Kickapoo Creek near Lincoln, IL 1929; 1943; 1945-1992
05580700Salt Creek Tributary at Middletown, IL 1961-1976
05580950Sugar Creek near Bloomington, IL 1975-2005
05581500Sugar Creek near Hartsburg, IL 1945-1992
05582000Salt Creek near Greenview, IL 1942-2005
05582200Cabiness Creek Tributary near Petersburg, IL 1956-1976
05582500Crane Creek near Easton, IL 1950-1981
05583000Sangamon River near Oakford, IL 1910-1912; 1915-1918; 1921-1922; 1926-1929; 1931-2005
05584400Drowning Fork at Bushnell, IL 1961-1986; 1988-1992
05584450Wigwam Hollow Creek near Macomb, IL 1961-1976
05584500La Moine River at Colmar, IL 1945-2005
05584950West Creek at Mount Sterling, IL 1961-1972
05585000La Moine River at Ripley, IL 1921-2005
05585220Indian Creek Tributary near Sinclair, IL 1956-1980
05585500Illinois River at Meredosia, IL 1921-1989
05585700Dry Fork Tributary near Mount Sterling, IL 1956-1976
05585830McKee Creek at Chambersburg, Il 2002-2005
05586000N Fk Mauvaise Terre Cr near Jacksonville, IL 1950-1990; 1992-2005
05586100Illinois River at Valley City, IL 1921-2005
05586200Illinois River Tributary at Florence, IL 1956-1980
05586350Little Sandy Creek Tributary nr Murrayville, IL 1961-1972
05586500Hurricane Creek near Roodhouse, IL 1951-1995
05586800Otter Creek near Palmyra, IL 1943; 1960-1980
05586850Bear Creek Tributary near Reeders, IL 1956-1980
05587000Macoupin Creek near Kane, IL 1921-1933; 1941-2005
05587850Cahokia Creek Tributary No 2 nr Carpenter, IL 1956-1980
05587900Cahokia Creek at Edwardsville, IL 1969-2005
05588000Indian Creek at Wanda, IL 1941-2005
05588700Judy's Branch at Oak Lawn Estates at Glen Carbon, IL 2001-2004
05588710Judy's Branch Tributary at Glen Carbon, IL 2001-2004
05588720Judy's Branch at Route 157 at Glen Carbon, IL 2001-2005
05589500Canteen Creek at Caseyville, IL 1939-1984
05589780Little Canteen Creek Trib near Collinsville, IL 1959-1972
05590000Kaskaskia Ditch at Bondville, IL 1924-1927; 1949-1990
05590050Copper Slough at Champaign, IL 2005
05590400Kaskaskia River near Pesotum, IL 1965-1979
05590500Kaskaskia River at Ficklin, IL 1954-1964
05590800Lake Fork at Atwood, IL 1973-2005
05590950Kaskaskia River at Chesterville, IL 1995-2005
05591200Kaskaskia River at Cooks Mills, IL 1971-2005
05591500Asa Creek at Sullivan, IL 1951-1982
05591550Whitley Creek near Allenville, IL 1980-2005
05591700West Okaw River near Lovington, IL 1980-2005
05591750Stringtown Branch Tributary near Lake City, IL 1961-1980
05592000Kaskaskia River at Shelbyville, IL 1908-1912; 1941-2005
05592025Mud Creek Tributary near Tower Hill, IL 1956-1976
05592050Robinson Creek near Shelbyville, IL 1957; 1980-2005
05592100Kaskaskia River near Cowden, IL 1971-2005
05592300Wolf Creek near Beecher City, IL 1959-1982
05592500Kaskaskia River at Vandalia, IL 1908-1912; 1915-1920; 1922-2005
05592575Hickory Creek near Brownstown, IL 1989-2005
05592700Hurricane Creek Tributary near Witt, IL 1956-1980
05592800Hurricane Creek near Mulberry Grove, IL 1971-2005
05592900Ef Kaskaskia River near Sandoval, IL (Fairman) 1980-2005
05593000Kaskaskia River at Carlyle, IL 1908-1912; 1915; 1930-2005
05593520Crooked Creek near Hoffman, IL 1975-1998
05593525Crooked Creek near Posey, IL 1968-1974
05593575Little Crooked Creek near New Minden, IL 1968-2005
05593600Blue Grass Creek near Raymond, IL 1961-1991
05593700Blue Grass Creek Tributary near Raymond, IL 1959-1971
05593900East Fork Shoal Creek near Coffeen, IL 1964-2005
05593945Shoal Creek near Pierron, IL 1995-2005
05594000Shoal Creek near Breese, IL 1910-1913; 1943; 1946-2005
05594090Sugar Creek at Albers, IL 1973-1982
05594100Kaskaskia River near Venedy Station, IL 1970-2005
05594200Williams Creek near Cordes, IL 1956-1972
05594330Mud Creek near Marissa, IL 1971-1982
05594450Silver Creek near Troy, IL 1967-2005
05594500Silver Creek near Lebanon, IL 1908-1912
05594800Silver Creek near Freeburg, IL 1971-2005
05595000Kaskaskia River at New Athens, IL 1908-1913; 1915-1921; 1935-1971
05595200Richland Creek near Hecker, IL 1970-2005
05595500Marys River near Sparta, IL 1949-1971
05595510Lick Branch near Eden, IL 1959-1972
05595550Marys River Tributary at Chester, IL 1959-1973
05595730Rayse Creek near Waltonville, IL 1980-2005
05595800Sevenmile Creek near Mt. Vernon, IL 1961-1982
05595820Casey Fork at Mt. Vernon, IL 1986-2005
05596000Big Muddy River near Benton, IL 1946-1970
05596100Andy Creek Tributary at Valier, IL 1956-1972
05597000Big Muddy River at Plumfield, IL 1909-1912; 1915-2005
05597450Crab Orchard Creek Tributary near Pittsburg, IL 1960-1972
05597500Crab Orchard Creek near Marion, IL 1952-2005
05599000Beaucoup Creek near Matthews, IL 1946-1982
05599500Big Muddy River at Murphysboro, IL 1916-1917; 1919; 1931-2005
05599560Clay Lick Creek near Makanda, IL 1960-1976
05599580Big Muddy River Tributary near Gorham, IL 1961-1976
05599640Green Creek Tributary near Jonesboro, IL 1956-1980
05599800Orchard Creek near Fayville, IL 1961-1972
05600000Big Creek near Wetaug, IL 1942-2005

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