Water Resources Data for Louisiana, Water Year 2005

By Todd Baumann, Burl B. Goree, Wendell M. Lovelace, Pamela A. Montgomery, Garron B. Ross, David J. Walters, and Aub N. Ward

Water-Data Report LA-05-01 ( 909 pages, 21 figures)

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Water resources data for the 2005 water year for Louisiana consist of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams; stage and contents of lakes; and water levels and water quality of ground water. This report contains stage and discharge records for 77 stations, stage records for 92 stations, water-quality records for 54 surface-water stations and 137 wells, and water-level records for 277 wells. Also included are data for 158 crest-stage and flood-profile partial-record stations and additional water data were collected at miscellaneous sites. These data represent that part of the National Water Data System operated by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating State and Federal agencies in Louisiana.


This volume of the annual hydrologic data report of Louisiana is one of a series of annual reports that document hydrologic data gathered from the U.S. Geological Survey’s surface- and ground-water data-collection networks in each State, Puerto Rico, and the Trust Territories. These records of streamflow, ground-water levels, and quality of water provide the hydrologic information needed by State, local, and Federal agencies, and the private sector for developing and managing our Nation’s land and water resources.

This report is the culmination of a concerted effort by dedicated personnel of the U.S. Geological Survey who collected, compiled, analyzed, verified, and organized the data, and who typed, edited, and assembled the report. In addition to the authors, who had primary responsibility for assuring that the information contained herein is accurate, complete, and adheres to Geological Survey policy and established guidelines, most of the data were collected, computed, and processed by area field offices.

The following individuals supervised the collection, processing, and tabulation of the data:  George J. Arcement, Jr., Dennis K. Demcheck, Paul A. Ensminger, J. Josh Gilbert, Cheryl R. Joseph, Benton D. McGee, Garron B. Ross, Stanley C. Skrobialowski, Dan J. Tomaszewski, and David J. Walters.

The following individuals contributed to the collection, processing, and preparation of the data:  Arthur R. Adams, Mary L. Anderson, Todd Baumann, Van G. Bergeron, Jeffery A. Brantly, Sebastian R. Brazelton, Tonya D. Davis, Michael Descant, Troy A. Devillier, James R. Fountain, C. Paul  Frederick, Frank R. Glass, Burl B. Goree, J. Josh Gilbert, Kevin Grimsley, Brian Hilton, Darrelyn C. Hutson, Marlon Johnson, Calvin L. Jones, J. Scott Jones, Wendell M. Lovelace, Tammy B. McKaskle, Erroll P. Meche, Pamela A. Montgomery, Scott M. Perrien, J. Christine Resweber, David C. Sasser, Jr., Ronald C. Seanor, Cindy G. Sibley, Lane B. Simmons, William B. Snee, Jr., Glen T. Stevens, J. Craig Waters, and Aub N. Ward.

This report was prepared in cooperation with the State of Louisiana and with other agencies under the general supervision of Charles R. Demas, Water Science Center Director, Louisiana.

Table of Contents

Report document page
List of surface-water stations, in downstream order, for which records are published in this volume
List of ground-water wells, by parish, for which records are published in this volume
List of discontinued surface-water discharge, elevation, or stage-only stations
List of discontinued surface-quality-water stations
Summary of hydrologic conditions
        Surface-water conditions
        Surface-water quality
        Ground-water levels
        Ground-water quality
Downstream order and station number
Numbering system for wells and miscellaneous sites
Special networks and programs
Explanation of stage- and water-discharge records
        Data collection and computation
        Data presentation
        Identifying estimated daily discharge
        Accuracy of field data and computed results
        Other data records available
Explanation of water-quality records
        Collection and examination of data
        Water analysis
Surface-water-quality records
        Classification of records
        Accuracy of the records
        Arrangement of records
        On-site measurements and sample collection
        Water temperature
        Laboratory measurements
        Data presentation
        Remark codes
        Water-quality control data
        Blank samples
        Reference samples
        Replicate samples
        Spike samples
Explanation of ground-water-level records
        Site identification numbers
        Data collection and computation
        Data presentation
Ground-water-quality data
        Data collection and computation
        Data presentation
        Laboratory measurements
Access to USGS water data
Station records, surface water
        Partial-record stations and miscellaneous sites
            Crest-stage partial record stations
            Flood-profile partial record stations
            Miscellaneous sites
        Analyses of samples collected at surface-water miscellaneous sites
            Analyses from surface-water sites collected following Hurricane Katrina
Station records, ground-water levels
Ground-water quality

Report Contents

Front Cover, Calendar, Title page, Preface, Report Documentation (374 KB, 6 pages)

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Surface-water stations in downstream order (87.2 KB, 4 pages)

Ground-water wells by County (130 KB, 9 pages)

Index (364 KB, 9 pages)

End of report (45.7 KB, 2 pages)

Report Availability:

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