Maine Water Science Center

Water Resources Data-Maine
Water Year 2005

By G. J. Stewart, J.M. Caldwell, A.R. Cloutier, and L.E. Flight

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The Maine Water Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with State, Federal,and other local governmental agencies, obtains a large amount of data pertaining to the water resources of Maine each year. These data, accumulated during the many water years, constitute a valuable data base for developing an improved understanding of the water resources of the State.

Water-resources data for the 2005 water year for Maine consists of records of stage, discharge, ground water levels, water quality of streams and ground-water wells, precipitation quantity, and snow quantity. This report contains discharge records for: 6 gage-height stations, 64 discharge gaging stations, stream water-quality data for 9 stations, water level for 23 ground-water wells, water-quality data for 20 ground-water wells, precipitation quantity data for 16 stations, and snow quantity data for 74 stations. Additional water data were collected at other sites, not part of the systematic data-collection program, and are published as special study and miscellaneous record sections.




List of surface-water stations, in downstream order, for which records are published in this volume

List of ground-water wells, by county, for which records are published in this volume

List of precipitation stations for which records are published in this volume

List of discontinued surface-water discharge or gage-height stations

List of discontinued surface-water quality stations

List of discontinued ground-water observation wells

List of discontinued precipitation quantity stations



Summary of hydrologic conditions


Floods and droughts

Water quality

Ground-water levels

Special networks and programs

Explanation of the records

Station identification numbers

Downstream order system

Latitude-longitude system

Records of stage and water discharge

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Station manuscript

Data table of daily mean values

Statistics of monthly mean data

Summary statistics


Identifying estimated daily discharge

Accuracy of the records

Special Study records

Other records available

Records of surface-water quality

Classification of records

Data presentation

Accuracy of the records

Remark codes

Records of ground-water levels

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Records of ground-water quality

Classification of records

Arrangement of records

Laboratory measurements

Data presentation

Remark codes

Records of precipitation quantity

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Records of snow quantity

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Access to USGS water data

Definition of terms

Publications on Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations

Station records, surface water

Discharge at partial-record and special study stations

Station records, ground water

Ground-water quality analyses at special study stations

Station records, precipitation quantity

Station records, snow quantity



This report is available as a pdf (25.1).


This report is also available in smaller sections as follows:


Front section (2.9MB)

Table of contents (602KB)

Pages 1-39 (981Mb)

The following section includes: (7.0MB)

St. John River Basin

St. Croix River

Dennys River Basin

Machias River Basin

Pleasant River Basin

Narraguagus River Basin

Otter Creek Basin

Hadlock Brook Basin

Penobscot River Basin

The following section includes: (7.8MB)

Ducktrap River Basin

Sheepscot River Basin

Kennebec River Basin

Anndroscoggin River Basin

Presumpscot River Basin

Saco River Basin

Piscataqua River Basin

Discharge At Partitial-Record and Special Study Stations, Water Year 2005

The following section includes: (4.2MB)

Androscoggin County

Aroostook County

Cumberland County

Franklin County

Hancock County

Kennebec County

Oxford County

Penobscot County

Somerset County

Walso County

Washington County

York County

Ground-Water Quality Analyses at Speial Study Stations

Quantity of Precipiation

Quantity of Snow


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