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Water Data Report MO-05-1

Water Resources Data—Missouri, Water Year 2005

link to the Missouri Water Science Center home page in the shape of the state of Missouri.    Prepared in cooperation with the State of Missouri and with other agencies
   By:  H.S. Hauck and T.H. Harris



The U.S. Geological Survey, Missouri Water Science Center, in cooperation with local, State, and Federal agencies and organizations, obtains a large quantity of data pertaining to the water resources of Missouri each water year (Oc-tober 1 to September 30). These data, accumulated during the water years, constitute a valuable data base for devel-oping an improved understanding of the water resources of Missouri.

Water-resources data for the 2005 water year for Missouri consist of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams; elevation, contents, and water quality of lakes and reservoirs. This volume contains discharge records for 177 surface-water gaging stations; gage height at 6 surface-water gaging stations; elevation at 13 lakes and res-ervoirs; water quality at 97 sampling stations (including 2 lakes); data for 39 crest-stage stations; data for 6 water-quality partial-record stations; and water-level records for 8 ground-water monitoring wells.



List of surface-water stations, in downstream order, for which records are published in this volume

List of ground-water monitoring wells, by county, for which records are published in this volume

List of discontinued surface-water discharge or stage-only stations

List of discontinued surface-water-quality stations



Water Use—2000

Missouri Water-Use Fact Sheet


Summary of Hydrologic Conditions

Surface Water--Streamflow

Surface Water-Quality

Special Networks and Programs

Explanation of the Records

Station Identification Numbers

Downstream Order and Station Number

Numbering System for Wells and Miscellaneous Sites

Explanation of Stage- and Water-Discharge Records

Data Collection and Computation

Data Presentation

Station manuscript

Data table of daily mean values

Statistics of monthly mean data

Summary statistics

Identifying Estimated Daily Discharge

Accuracy of Data and Computed Results

Other Data Available

Explanation of Surface-Water-Quality Records

Collection and Examination of Data

Water Analysis

Records of Surface–Water Quality

Classification of Records

Accuracy of Records

Arrangement of Records

On-site Measurements and Sample Collection

Water Temperature


Laboratory Measurements

Data Presentation

Remark Codes

Water Quality-Control Data

Blank Samples

Reference Samples

Replicate Samples

Spike Samples

Explanation of Ground-Water Level Records

Site Identification Numbers

Data Collection and Computation

Data Presentation

Water-level tables


Access to USGS Water Data

Definition of Terms

Techniques of Water-Resources Investigations of the U.S. Geological Survey

Surface-water station records

Partial-record surface-water stations

Analyses of samples collected at water-quality partial-record stations

Ground-Water Monitoring well records



This report is available online in Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, it is available for free download from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

The full report is available as an entire volume or in segments, as PDF files:

Cover, Contents, and Introduction

Location Maps

Stations 05495000-05587455

Stations 06813500-06899950

Stations 06900050-06936530

Stations 07001985-07058000

Stations 07061270-37190091081101

Index and Back Cover

(Report pages i through 18—File Size 1.19 MB)

(Report pages 19 through 27 —File Size 4.63 MB)

(Report pages 28 through 86 –File Size 1.37 MB)

(Report pages 87 through 197 —File Size 1.89 MB)

(Report pages 198 through 379—File Size 3.23 MB)

(Report pages 380 through 574—File Size 3.51 MB)

(Report pages 575 through 693 —File Size 3.36 MB)

(Report pages 694 through 724—File Size 751 KB)

Report MO-05-1  Entire Volume   (724 pages—File Size 18.3 MB)


A list of surface-water station numbers is also provided:

By County  (41 KB)

By Number (In Downstream Order)  (18 KB)

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U.S. Geological Survey

Missouri Water Science Center

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Rolla, Missouri 65401

Telephone: (573) 308-3667

Fax: (573) 308-3645

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