Oregon Water Science Center

Water Resources Data for Oregon, Water Year 2005

By Thomas A. Herrett, Glen W. Hess, Marc A. Stewart, Gregory P. Ruppert, and Mary-Lorraine Courts

Water Data Report OR-05-1

Prepared in cooperation with Federal, State, local, and Tribal agencies


The annual Oregon water data report is one of a series of annual reports that document hydrologic data gathered from the U.S. Geological Survey's surface- and ground-water data-collection networks in each State, Puerto Rico, and the Trust Territories. These records of streamflow, ground-water levels, and water quality provide the hydrologic information needed by State, local, Tribal, and Federal agencies and the private sector for developing and managing our Nation's land and water resources.

This report contains water year 2005 data for both surface and ground water in Oregon, including discharge records for 207 streamflow-gaging stations, 65 partial-record or miscellaneous streamflow stations, and 9 crest-stage partial-record streamflow stations; stage-only records for 6 gaging stations; stage and content records for 12 lakes and reservoirs; water-quality records for 129 streamflow-gaging stations and 1 atmospheric deposition station; and ground-water levels for 12 observation wells.


Introductory material (PDF, 0.9 MB)

List of surface-water stations for which records are published in this volume (contains links to station data)
List of ground-water observation wells
List of discontinued discharge or stage-only stations
List of discontinued surface-water-quality stations
Summary of hydrologic conditions
Special networks and programs
Explanation of the records
Access to USGS data
Definition of terms
Explanation of remarks codes


Surface-Water Stations

Malheur Lake and Klamath River Basins (1.8 MB)

Owyhee and Malheur River Basins--file includes Columbia River below Priest Rapids Dam and Snake River at Nyssa, OR (0.9 MB)

Imnaha and Grande Ronde River Basins--file includes Snake River at Hells Canyon Dam and Snake River at Johnson Bar, ID (1.8 MB)

Umatilla River and Willow Creek Basins (1.5 MB)

John Day River Basin (1.5 MB)

Deschutes River Basin (2.5 MB)

Hood River and Mosier Creek Basins--file includes Columbia River at the Dalles, OR (0.6 MB)

Sandy River Basin

Sandy River mainstem--file includes Columbia River below Bonneville Dam and Columbia River at Vancouver, WA (1.1 MB)

Bull Run River above Reservoir #1 (2.6 MB)

Bull Run River including and below Reservoir #1 (1.7 MB)

Willamette River Basin

Willamette River mainstem sites above Willamette Falls --file includes Luckiamute and Yamhill River Basins (2.8 MB)

Middle and Coast Fork Willamette River Basins (2.8 MB)

McKenzie River Basin above the Blue River (2.6 MB)

McKenzie River Basin including and below the Blue River (2.3 MB)

Long Tom River Basin (2.4 MB)

Santiam River Basin

North Santiam River Basin above Detroit Lake (3.3 MB)

North Santiam River at Niagara and Little North Santiam River near Mehama (2.9 MB)

North Santiam River at Mehama and North Santiam River at Geren Island (2.0 MB)

South Santiam River Basin and Santiam River mainstem (2.0 MB)

Molalla River Basin (1.3 MB)

Tualatin River Basin (1.4 MB)

Willamette River mainstem sites below Willamette Falls --file includes Tryon Creek, Fairview Creek, and Columbia Slough (1.5 MB)

Clackamas River Basin above and including Fish Creek (1.4 MB)

Clackamas River Basin below and including Carter Bridge (3.4 MB)

Johnson Creek Basin (2.0 MB)

Coastal basins north of the Umpqua River--file includes Columbia River at Beaver Army Terminal (2.5 MB)

Umpqua River Basin

South Umpqua River Basin (1.9 MB)

North Umpqua River Basin from headwaters to Clearwater River (1.6 MB)

North Umpqua River Basin below Clearwater River to Copeland Creek (2.5 MB)

North Umpqua River Basin below and including Copeland Creek and Umpqua River mainstem (2.5 MB)

Coos and Coquille River Basins (0.6 MB)

Rogue and Chetco River Basins

Rogue River Basin above and including Elk Creek (1.9 MB)

Rogue River below Elk Creek to and including Bear Creek (1.4 MB)

Rogue River at Raygold thorough Chetco River at Brookings, excluding the Applegate River Basin (1.4 MB)

Applegate River Basin (1.5 MB)


Precipitation Quality Stations (0.2 MB)

Discharge at Partial Record Stations and Miscellaneous Sites (0.1 MB)

Ground-Water Levels in Long-Term Observation Wells (1.0 MB)

Index and Conversion table (0.1 MB)


The data are also available on CD-ROM, which you can obtain free of charge.

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For Web access to real-time and historical water data for Oregon, and for information about water-resource studies in the State, please visit our Web site at http://or.water.usgs.gov/.


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