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Water Resources Data
Water Year 2002

U.S. Geological Survey
Water-Data Report TN-02-1
by D.F. Flohr, J.W. Garrett, J.T. Hamilton, and T.D. Phillips

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The Water Resources Division of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with State, local, and Federal agencies, obtains a large amount of data pertaining to the water resources of Tennessee each water year. These data, accumulated during many water years, constitute a valuable data base for developing an improved understanding of the water resources of the State. To make these data readily available to interested parties outside the USGS, the data are published annually in this report series entitled "Water Resources Data - Tennessee."

This report consists of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams; stage and contents of lakes and reservoirs; and water levels and water quality of ground-water wells. This volume contains discharge records for 89 gaging stations; stage only at 1 gaging station; stage and contents at 32 lakes and reservoirs; water quality for 9 stations, and 15 wells; and water levels at 8 observation wells. Also included are data for 98 crest-stage partial-record stations. Locations of these sites are shown on figures 4 through 6. Additional water data were collected at various sites not involved in the systematic data-collection program and are published as miscellaneous measurements and miscellaneous analyses or as seepage investigations.

This series of annual reports for Tennessee began with the 1961 water year with a report that contained only data relating to the quantities of surface water. Water-quality records for water years 1964 through 1974 were similarly released either in separate reports or in conjunction with streamflow records. Beginning with the 1975 water year, the report format was changed to present, in one volume, data on quantities of surface water, quality of surface and ground water, and ground-water levels.

Prior to introduction of this series and for several years concurrent with it, water-resources data for Tennessee were published in U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Papers. Data on stream discharge and stage and on lake or reservoir contents and stage, through September 1960, were published annually under the title "Surface-Water Supply of the United States." For the 1961 through 1970 years, the data were published in two 5-year reports. Data on chemical quality, temperature, and suspended sediment for the 1941 through 1970 water years were published annually under the title "Quality of Surface Water of the United States," and water levels for the 1935 through 1974 water years were published under the title "Ground-Water Levels in the United States." The above mentioned Water-Supply Papers may be consulted in the libraries of the principal cities of the United States and may be purchased from the Books and Open-File Reports Section, Federal Center, Box 25425, Denver, Colorado 80225.

Publications similar to this report are published annually by the USGS for all States. These official Survey reports have an identification number consisting of the two-letter State abbreviation, the last two digits of the water year, and the volume number. For example, this volume is identified as "U.S. Geological Survey Water-Data Report TN-02-1." For archiving and general distribution, the reports for the 1971-74 water years also are identified as water-data reports. These water-data reports are for sale in paper copy or in microfiche by the National Technical Information Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161.

Additional information, including current prices, for ordering specific reports may be obtained from the District Chief at the address given on the back of the title page or by telephone (615) 837-4700.

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