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Water Resources Data
Texas Water Year 1998

Volume 4. Ground Water

Water Data Report TX-98-4

By S.C. Gandara and D.L. Barbie

Abstract: Water-resources data for the 1998 water year for Texas consists of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams; stage and contents in lakes and reservoirs; and water levels and water quality in wells. Volume 4 contains water levels for 759 observation wells and 146 water-quality data for monitoring wells. These data represent that part of the National Water Data System operated by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating Federal, State, and local agencies in Texas.

Volume 4. Ground Water: Water-Data Report TX-98-4
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Map of Texas basins with stations included in this volume.

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Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 1 Volume 3 Volume 1 CONTENTS




Summary of hydrologic conditions

Ground water

Special Networks and Programs

Explanation of the records

Latitude-longitude system

Local well numbers

Records of ground-water levels

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Records of ground-water quality

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Ground-water records

Remark codes

Access to USGS water data

Definition of terms

Publications of techniques of water-resources investigations

Ground-water wells, by county, for which records are published




1. System for numbering wells and miscellaneous sites

.2. Texas well-numbering system

3. Bailey County map

4. Bandera County map

5. Bexar County map

6. Blanco County map

7. Brazoria County map

8. Hydrograph for well BH-65-45-102

9. Chambers County map

10. Hydrograph for well DH-64-26-701

11. Cochran County map

12. Hydrograph for well DP-24-19-105

13 Comal County map

14. Deaf Smith County map

15. El Paso County map

16. Hydrograph for well JL-49-13-506

17. Fort Bend County map

18. Hydrograph for well JY-65-19-704

19. Hydrograph for well JY-65-25-301

20. Hydrograph for well JY-65-28-311

21. Galveston County map

22. Hydrograph for well KH-65-39-601

23. Hydrograph for well KH-65-40-707

24. Hale County map

25. Hydrograph for well KY-23-10-407

26. Hardin County map

27. Hydrograph for well LH-61-47-208

28. Hydrograph for well LH-61-55-206

29. Harris County map

30. Hydrograph for well LJ-65-12-801

31. Hydrograph for well LJ-65-20-409

32. Hydrograph for well LJ-65-23-219 and LJ-65-23-220

33. Hydrograph for well LJ-65-32-406

34. Hays County map

35. Hydrograph for well LR-58-57-303

36. Jasper County map

37. Hydrograph for well PR-61-48-209 and PR-61-48-221

38. Jefferson County map

39. Kendall County map

40. Kerr County map

41. Kinney County map

42. Liberty County map

43. Hydrograph for well SB-61-49-807

44. Hydrograph for well SB-61-57-506

45. Medina County map

46. Montgomery County map

47. Hydrograph for well TS-60-45-504

48. Newton County map

49. Hydrograph for well TZ-62-18-801

50. Orange County map

51. Hydrograph for well UJ-62-57-401

52. Hydrograph for well UJ-62-59-123

53. Swisher County map

54. Hydrograph for well XT-11-42-315

55. Travis County map

56. Hydrograph for well YD-58-50-704

57. Uvalde County map

58. Walker County map

59. Waller County map

60. Hydrograph for well YW-65-09-605

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