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Water Resources Data, Wyoming, Water Year 2001

Prepared in cooperation with the State of Wyoming and with other agencies

by Robert B. Swanson and others


Water resources data for the 2001 water year for Wyoming consists of records of stage, discharge and water quality of streams; stage and contents of lakes and reservoirs, and water levels and water quality of ground water. Volume 1 of this report contains discharge records for 151 gaging stations, stage and contents for 12 lakes and reservoirs, and water quality for 33 gaging stations and 32 ungaged stations. Additional water data were collected at various sites, not part of the systematic data collection program, and are published as miscellaneous measurements. These data together with the data in Volume 2 represent part of the National Water Data System operated by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating State and Federal agencies in Wyoming.

To view or print the PDF files, you will need Adobe Adobe Acrobat Reader®, version 4.0 or higher. The reports also are available on CD-ROM, and a copy may be obtained by contacting Wyoming State Representative, (307) 778-2931, ext. 2872.

Cover of Volume 1

Volume 1. Surface Water
Water-Data Report WY-01-1
PDF 27 mb


Cover of Volume 2

Volume 2. Ground Water
Water-Data Report WY-01-2
PDF 9.4 mb


Volume 1. CONTENTS:


List of gaging stations, in downstream order, for which records are published 

List of discontinued and active surface-water discharge, water-quality, sediment, and biological stations



Summary of hydrologic conditions



Chemical quality of stream water

Special networks and programs

Explanation of the records

Station identification numbers

Downstream order system

Latitude-longitude system

Records of stage and water discharge

Data collection and computation

Data presentation

Station manuscript

Data table of daily mean values

Statistics of monthly mean data

Summary statistics

Identifying estimated daily discharge

Accuracy of the records

Other records available

Records of surface-water quality

Classification of records

Onsite measurements and sample collection

Water temperature


Laboratory analysis

Presentation of water-quality records

Remark codes

Quality-control samples

Blank samples

Replicate samples

Spike samples

Access to water data

Definition of terms

Techniques of water-resources investigations of the U.S. Geological Survey

Station records, surface water

Discharge at miscellaneous sites

Annual maximum discharge at miscellaneous sites during water year 2001

Discharge measurements made at miscellaneous sites

Analysis of samples collected at special study and miscellaneous sites

Burger Draw coal bed methane water sample

Fremont County weed and pest district study

Kendrick Irrigation Study

National water-quality assessment program

Wind River ecology study



Figure 1. Location of surface-water streamflow-gaging stations, water-quality stations, and reservoir stations, 2001 water year

2. Mean cumulative precipitation for water year 2001 and mean cumulative normal precipitation for 1971-2000 by major divisions, Wyoming

3a. Annual average discharge for water year 2001, and median and maximum annual average discharge for period of record for seven long-term index gaging stations in Wyoming

3b. Average monthly and annual discharge for water year 2001, and median and maximum monthly and annual discharge for period of record for seven long-term index gaging stations in Wyoming

4. System for assigning identification numbers to miscellaneous sites using latitude and longitude

5. Location of surface-water sampling sites in the Yellowstone River Basin NAWQA study unit, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming


Table 1. Summary of snowpack conditions in eight major river divisions in Wyoming for water year 2001

2. Statistical summary of specific conductance measurements for discrete water samples at selected locations for the 2001 and 1991-2000 water years

Volume 2. CONTENTS:


List of ground-water wells, by county, for which records are published



Summary of hydrologic conditions

Ground-water levels

Explanation of the records

Numbering system for wells

Latitude-longitude system

Data collection and computation

Presentation of data

Station manuscript

Explanation of hydrographs

Ground-water quality

Data collection

Data presentation

Remark codes

Access to water data

Definition of terms

Techniques of water-resources investigations of the U.S. Geological Survey

Station records, ground water

Ground-water levels

High Plains study

Quality of ground-water

Ground-water quality near wastewater-treatment facilities, Grand Teton National Park

Pesticide and nutrient sampling program

Supplementary data for pesticide and nutrient sampling program

Goshen County nutrient sampling program



Figure 1. Map showing location ofobservation wells covered by this report, as of September 2001

2. Water-level hydrographs for observation wells in areas of extensive ground-water withdrawals, calendar year 1997 through September 30, 2001

3-5. Diagrams showing:

3. Federal township-range system for numbering wells

4. System for numbering wells on the Wind River Indian Reservation

5 System for assigning identification numbers to wells using latitude and longitude

6-21. Maps showing location of observation wells:

6. Albany County

7. Big Horn County

8. Campbell County

9. Carbon County

10. Converse County

11. Crook County

12. Fremont County

13. Goshen County

14. Hot Springs County

15. Laramie County

16. Niobrara County

17. Platte County

18. Sweetwater County

19. Washakie County

20. Weston County


Table 1. Changes in ground-water levels in statewide observation-well network and wells completed in the High Plains aquifer

Water Resources of Wyoming

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