Surface-Water Data - Georgia - Water Year 1999


The following list contains currently operated and discontinued continuous-record streamflow stations on streams within the State of Georgia and its border with adjacent States. Stations highlighted in gray are active stations. The reference list of active and discontinued streamflow stations contains the latitude and longitude of each station, and the period(s) of record that the stations were in operation.

Click on the station name for a station summary page in PDF format. No station summaries are available for discontinued stations. PDF files are version 4: if you experience problems opening these files, please visit the Adobe Acrobat site for a free download of the most recent Reader software. Click on Datafile for a text file of the historical streamflow data for that station. Click on Map for an image of a topographic map showing the station location, in JPEG format.

Station name Datafile
02177000Chattooga River near ClaytonDatafileMap
02178000Chattooga River near Tallulah FallsDatafileMap
02178400Tallulah River near ClaytonDatafileMap
02179000Tallulah River near SeedDatafileMap
02180500Tiger Creek at LakemontDatafileMap
02181000Tallulah River at MathisDatafileMap
02181500Tallulah River at Tallulah FallsDatafileMap
02181580Tallulah River above Powerhouse, near Tallulah FallsDatafileMap
02182000Panther Creek near ToccoaDatafileMap
02184000Tugaloo River near HartwellDatafileMap
02187252Savannah River below Hartwell Lake, near HartwellDatafileMap
02187500Savannah River near Iva, S.C.DatafileMap
02188500Beaverdam Creek at Dewy RoseDatafileMap
02188600Beaverdam Creek above ElbertonDatafileMap
02188680Beaverdam Creek near ElbertonDatafileMap
02189000Savannah River near Calhoun Falls, S.C.DatafileMap
02189050North Fork Broad River above ToccoaDatafileMap
02189100Denmans Creek near ToccoaDatafileMap
02189500North Fork Broad River near ToccoaDatafileMap
02189600Bear Creek near MizeDatafileMap
02190000North Fork Broad River near LavoniaDatafileMap
02190100Toms Creek near EastanolleeDatafileMap
02190200Toms Creek near AvalonDatafileMap
02190500Toms Creek near MartinDatafileMap
02191000North Fork Broad River near CarnesvilleDatafileMap
02191200Hudson River at HomerDatafileMap
02191300Broad River above CarltonDatafileMap
02191500Broad River near CarltonDatafileMap
02191970Little Macks Creek near LexingtonDatafileMap
02192000Broad River near BellDatafileMap
02193340Kettle Creek near WashingtonDatafileMap
02193500Little River near WashingtonDatafileMap
02194000Little River near LincontonDatafileMap
02196484Savannah River near North Augusta, S.C.DatafileMap
02196820Butler Creek at Fort GordonDatafileMap
02197000Savannah River at AugustaDatafileMap
02197320Savannah River near Jackson, S.C.DatafileMap
02197500Savannah River at Burtons Ferry, Bridge, near MillhavenDatafileMap
02197520Brier Creek near ThomsonDatafileMap
02197550Little Brier Creek near ThomsonDatafileMap
02197600Brushy Creek near WrensDatafileMap
02197830Brier Creek near WaynesboroDatafileMap
02198000Brier Creek at MillhavenDatafileMap
02198100Beaverdam Creek near SardisDatafileMap
02198500Savannah River near ClyoDatafileMap
02198690Ebenezer Creek at SpringfieldDatafileMap
02200500Ogeechee River near LouisvilleDatafileMap
02201000Williamson Swamp Creek at DavisboroDatafileMap
02202000Ogeechee River at ScarboroDatafileMap
02202500Ogeechee River near EdenDatafileMap
02202600Black Creek near BlitchtonDatafileMap
02203000Canoochee River near ClaxtonDatafileMap
02203500Canoochee River near GrovelandDatafileMap
02203559Peacock Creek at McIntoshDatafileMap
02203600South River at East PointDatafileMap
02203900South River at Flakes Mill Road, near AtlantaDatafileMap
02204070South River at Klondike Road, near LithoniaDatafileMap
02204285Pates Creek near FlippenDatafileMap
02204500South River near McDonoughDatafileMap
02205000Wildcat Creek near LawrencevilleDatafileMap
02205500Pew Creek near LawrencevilleDatafileMap
02206000Shetley Creek near NorcrossDatafileMap
02206500Yellow River near SnellvilleDatafileMap
02207000Garner Creek near SnellvilleDatafileMap
02207500Yellow River near CovingtonDatafileMap
02208450Alcovy River above CovingtonDatafileMap
02208500Alcovy River near CovingtonDatafileMap
02209000Alcovy River below CovingtonDatafileMap
02209500Alcovy River near StewartDatafileMap
02210500Ocmulgee River near JacksonDatafileMap
02211300Towaliga River near JacksonDatafileMap
02211459Big Towaliga Creek near BarnesvilleDatafileMap
02211500Towaliga River near ForsythDatafileMap
02212500Ocmulgee River at JulietteDatafileMap
02212600Falling Creek near JulietteDatafileMap
02213000Ocmulgee River at MaconDatafileMap
02213050Walnut Creek near GrayDatafileMap
02213470Tobesofkee Creek above MaconDatafileMap
02213500Tobesofkee Creek near MaconDatafileMap
02213700Ocmulgee River near Warner RobinsDatafileMap
02214000Echeconnee Creek near MaconDatafileMap
02214500Big Indian Creek at PerryDatafileMap
02215000Ocmulgee River at HawkinsvilleDatafileMap
02215100Tucsawhatchee Creek near HawkinsvilleDatafileMap
02215400Big Horse Creek near Lumber CityDatafileMap
02215500Ocmulgee River at Lumber CityDatafileMap
02216000Little Ocmulgee River at TownsDatafileMap
02216180Turnpike Creek near McRaeDatafileMap
02216610Tillman Mill Creek near Lumber CityDatafileMap
02217000Allen Creek at TalmoDatafileMap
02217475Middle Oconee River near ArcadeDatafileMap
02217500Middle Oconee River near AthensDatafileMap
02217900North Oconee River at AthensDatafileMap
02218300Oconee River near PenfieldDatafileMap
02218500Oconee River near GreensboroDatafileMap
02219000Apalachee River near BostwickDatafileMap
02219500Apalachee River near BuckheadDatafileMap
02220500Oconee River near SpartaDatafileMap
02220550Whitten Creek near SpartaDatafileMap
02220900Little River near EatontonDatafileMap
02221000Murder Creek near MonticelloDatafileMap
02221525Murder Creek below EatontonDatafileMap
02223000Oconee River at MilledgevilleDatafileMap
02223056Oconee River at Avant Mine, near OconeeDatafileMap
02223110Buffalo Creek near OconeeDatafileMap
02223248Oconee River near OconeeDatafileMap
02223300Big Sandy Creek near JeffersonvilleDatafileMap
02223382Oconee River near DublinDatafileMap
02223500Oconee River at DublinDatafileMap
02224000Rocky Creek near DudleyDatafileMap
02224500Oconee River near Mt. VernonDatafileMap
02225000Altamaha River near BaxleyDatafileMap
02225500Ohoopee River near ReidsvilleDatafileMap
02226000Altamaha River at DoctortownDatafileMap
02226100Penholoway Creek near JesupDatafileMap
02226500Satilla River near WaycrossDatafileMap
02226600Burket Creek near RoperDatafileMap
02226700Whitehead Creek near DentonDatafileMap
02226900Hurricane Creek near HazelhurstDatafileMap
02227000Hurricane Creek near AlmaDatafileMap
02227500Little Satilla River near OffermanDatafileMap
02228000Satilla River at AtkinsonDatafileMap
02228500North Prong St Marys River at MoniacDatafileMap
02231000St Marys River near Macclenny, FLDatafileMap
02231253St Marys River near Gross, FLDatafileMap
02314500Suwannee River at FargoDatafileMap
02316000Alapaha River near AlapahaDatafileMap
02317000Alapaha River at May DayDatafileMap
02317500Alapaha River at StatenvilleDatafileMap
02317748Withlacoochee River near BemissDatafileMap
023177483Withlacoochee River at McMillan Road, near BemissDatafileMap
02317755Withlacoochee River at U.S. 41, near ValdostaDatafileMap
02317830Little River near LenoxDatafileMap
02318000Little River near AdelDatafileMap
02318500Withlacoochee River near QuitmanDatafileMap
02318700Okapilco Creek at State Route 33, near QuitmanDatafileMap
02327500Ochlockonee River near ThomasvilleDatafileMap
02328000Tired Creek near CairoDatafileMap
02329342Little Attapulgus Creek at AttapulgusDatafileMap
02330450Chattahoochee River at HelenDatafileMap
02331000Chattahoochee River near LeafDatafileMap
02331500Soque River near DemorestDatafileMap
02331600Chattahoochee River near CorneliaDatafileMap
02332000King Branch near AltoDatafileMap
02332830West Fork Little River near ClermontDatafileMap
02333000Chattahoochee River near GainesvilleDatafileMap
02333500Chestatee River near DahlonegaDatafileMap
02334430Chattahoochee River at Buford Dam, near BufordDatafileMap
02334480Richland Creek near BufordDatafileMap
02334500Chattahoochee River near BufordDatafileMap
02334885Suwanee Creek near SuwaneeDatafileMap
02335000Chattahoochee River near NorcrossDatafileMap
02335078Johns Creek at Buice Road, near WarsawDatafileMap
02335450Chattahoochee River at Eves Road, above RoswellDatafileMap
02335500Chattahoochee River near RoswellDatafileMap
02335700Big Creek near AlpharettaDatafileMap
02335830Chattahoochee River at Johnson's Ferry Road, near AtlantaDatafileMap
02335870Sope Creek near MariettaDatafileMap
02335912Rottenwood Creek at I-285, at AtlantaDatafileMap
02336000Chattahoochee River at Atlanta DatafileMap
02336300Peachtree Creek at AtlantaDatafileMap
02336380Nancy Creek at Randall Mill Road, at AtlantaDatafileMap
02336410Nancy Creek at West Wesley Road, at AtlantaDatafileMap
02336490Chattahoochee River at State Route 280, near AtlantaDatafileMap
02336500Chattahoochee River at OakdaleDatafileMap
02336529Proctor Creek at Northwest Drive, near AtlantaDatafileMap
02336635Nickajack Creek at US Highways 78 and 278, near MabletonDatafileMap
02336700South Utoy Creek Tributary at Headland Drive, at East PointDatafileMap
02337000Sweetwater Creek near AustellDatafileMap
02337100North Fork Camp Creek at AtlantaDatafileMap
02337160Deep Creek at State Highway 70, near TellDatafileMap
02337170Chattahoochee River near FairburnDatafileMap
02337320Bear Creek at State Highway 70, near RicoDatafileMap
02337500Snake Creek near WhitesburgDatafileMap
02338000Chattahoochee River near WhitesburgDatafileMap
02338185Wahoo Creek at Wagers Mill Road, near SargentDatafileMap
02338280Whooping Creek at State Highway 5, near WhitesburgDatafileMap
02338314Plant Wangsley Outfall near GlenlochDatafileMap
02338400Centralhatchee Creek at US Highway 27, near FranklinDatafileMap
02338500Chattahoochee River at FranklinDatafileMap
02338660New River near CorinthDatafileMap
02338840Yellowjacket Creek near HogansvilleDatafileMap
02339000Yellowjacket Creek near LaGrangeDatafileMap
02339500Chattahoochee River at West PointDatafileMap
02340000Mill Creek near Warm SpringsDatafileMap
02340500Mountain Oak Creek near HamiltonDatafileMap
02341500Chattahoochee River at ColumbusDatafileMap
02341800Upatoi Creek near ColumbusDatafileMap
02342000Upatoi Creek at Fort BenningDatafileMap
02342850Hannahatchee Creek at UnionDatafileMap
02343200Pataula Creek near LumpkinDatafileMap
02343260Chattahoochee River at Fort GainesDatafileMap
02343500Chattahoochee River at Columbia, Ala.DatafileMap
02343801Chattahoochee River, Andrews Lock and Dam, Columbia, ALDatafileMap
02344000Chattahoochee River at Alaga, Ala.DatafileMap
02344300Camp Creek near FayettevilleDatafileMap
02344350 Flint River near LovejoyDatafileMap
02344500Flint River near GriffinDatafileMap
02344700Line Creek near SenoiaDatafileMap
02345000Flint River near MolenaDatafileMap
02345500Flint River near WoodburyDatafileMap
02346180Flint River near ThomastonDatafileMap
02346500Potato Creek near ThomastonDatafileMap
02347500Flint River near CullodenDatafileMap
02348500Whitewater Creek near ButlerDatafileMap
02349000Whitewater Creek below Rambulette Creek, near ButlerDatafileMap
02349500Flint River at MontezumaDatafileMap
02349900Turkey Creek at ByromvilleDatafileMap
02350000Flint River near ViennaDatafileMap
02350080Lime Creek near CobbDatafileMap
02350220Gum Creek at ConeyDatafileMap
02350300Cedar Creek near CordeleDatafileMap
02350500Flint River at OakfieldDatafileMap
02350512Flint River at State Highway 32, near OakfieldDatafileMap
02350600Kinchafoonee Creek at PrestonDatafileMap
02350900Kinchafoonee Creek near DawsonDatafileMap
02351000Kinchafoonee Creek near LeesburgDatafileMap
02351890Muckalee Creek at State Route 195, near LeesburgDatafileMap
02352500Flint River at AlbanyDatafileMap
02353000Flint River at NewtonDatafileMap
02353400Pachitla Creek near EdisonDatafileMap
02353500Ichawaynochaway Creek at MilfordDatafileMap
02354000Alligator Creek near MilfordDatafileMap
02354500Chickasawhatchee Creek at ElmodelDatafileMap
02354800Ichawaynochaway Creek near ElmodelDatafileMap
02355000Ichawaynochaway Creek near NewtonDatafileMap
02355350Ichawaynochaway Creek below NewtonDatafileMap
02355500Big Cypress Creek near MilfordDatafileMap
02356000Flint River at BainbridgeDatafileMap
02356500Long Branch near DamascusDatafileMap
02356980Aycocks Creek near BoykinDatafileMap
02357000Spring Creek near Iron CityDatafileMap
02379000Cartecay River near CartecayDatafileMap
02379500Cartecay River near EllijayDatafileMap
02380000Ellijay River at EllijayDatafileMap
02380500Coosawattee River near EllijayDatafileMap
02381000Mountaintown Creek near EllijayDatafileMap
02381500Coosawattee River near CartersDatafileMap
02381600Fausett Creek near Talking RockDatafileMap
02381950Scarecorn Creek above HintonDatafileMap
02382000Scarecorn Creek at HintonDatafileMap
02382200Talking Rock Creek near HintonDatafileMap
02382300Talking Rock Creek near CartersDatafileMap
02382500Coosawattee River at CartersDatafileMap
02383000Rock Creek near FairmountDatafileMap
02383500Coosawattee River near Pine ChapelDatafileMap
02384000Conasauga River near TenngaDatafileMap
02384500Conasauga River near EtonDatafileMap
02384540Mill Creek near CrandallDatafileMap
02385000Coahulla Creek near VarnellDatafileMap
02385500Mill Creek at DaltonDatafileMap
02385800Holly Creek near ChatsworthDatafileMap
02386000Rock Creek at RamhurstDatafileMap
02386500Drowning Bear Creek near DaltonDatafileMap
02387000Conasauga River at TiltonDatafileMap
02387500Oostanaula River at ResacaDatafileMap
02388000West Armuchee Creek near SublignaDatafileMap
02388300Heath Creek near RomeDatafileMap
02388320Heath Creek below Rocky Mountain Damsite, near ArmucheeDatafileMap
02388500Oostanaula River near RomeDatafileMap
02389000Etowah River near DawsonvilleDatafileMap
02389300Shoal Creek near DawsonvilleDatafileMap
02389500East Amicalola Creek at JunoDatafileMap
02390000Amicalola Creek near DawsonvilleDatafileMap
02390500Long Swamp Creek near BallgroundDatafileMap
02391000Etowah River near BallgroundDatafileMap
02391500Sharp Mountain Creek near BallgroundDatafileMap
02392000Etowah River at CantonDatafileMap
02392500Little River near RoswellDatafileMap
02394000Etowah River at Allatoona Dam, above CartersvilleDatafileMap
02394950Hills Creek near TaylorsvilleDatafileMap
02395000Etowah River near KingstonDatafileMap
02395120Two Run Creek near KingstonDatafileMap
02395500Dykes Creek near RomeDatafileMap
02395980Etowah River at State Highway 1 Loop, near RomeDatafileMap
02396000Etowah River at RomeDatafileMap
02397000Coosa River near RomeDatafileMap
02397410Cedar Creek at CedartownDatafileMap
02397500Cedar Creek near CedartownDatafileMap
02397830Harrisburg Creek near HawkinsDatafileMap
02398000Chattooga River at SummervilleDatafileMap
02411800Little River near BuchananDatafileMap
02413000Little Tallapoosa River at CarrolltonDatafileMap
03544947Brier Creek near HiawasseeDatafileMap
03545000Hiawassee River at PresleyDatafileMap
03545500Hightower Creek near PresleyDatafileMap
03550500Nottely River near BlairsvilleDatafileMap
03551000Coosa Creek near BlairsvilleDatafileMap
03551500Youngcane Creek near YoungcaneDatafileMap
03552000Ivylog Creek near IvylogDatafileMap
03552500Nottely River near IvylogDatafileMap
03553500Nottely River at Nottely Dam near IvylogDatafileMap
03558000Toccoa River near DialDatafileMap
03559000Toccoa River near Blue RidgeDatafileMap
03560000Fightingtown Creek at McCaysvilleDatafileMap
03567129Mill Creek near Cedar GroveDatafileMap
03568500Chattanooga Creek near FlintstoneDatafileMap
03568782Hurricane Creek near Rising FawnDatafileMap
03568933Lookout Creek near New EnglandDatafileMap
03569000Lookout Creek near WildwoodDatafileMap


Surface-Water Data 1999

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