Evaluation of Water-Level Recovery, 1996-97 to 1999-2000, and Comparison of 1999-2000 and 1972-73 Water Levels in Goleta Central Subbasin, Santa Barbara County, California

By Jill N. Densmore, Matthew C. Scrudato, and Ernest R. Houston



Water Resources Investigation Report 01-4127

Sacramento, California 2001

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Ground-water levels were measured during January 1999-June 2000 to evaluate the rate of water-level recovery in the Goleta Central ground-water subbasin that has resulted from injection of about 2,225 acre-feet of surplus water for storage in the ground-water basin. Injection of surplus water was tabulated and compared with water-level rises since 1996 to evaluate the effectiveness of the recharge effort. Water levels have risen about 4 to 37 feet since 1996-97. A preliminary water budget was compiled to assess recharge and discharge in the basin, and it is estimated that total inflow exceeded total outflow during 1998-99 by about 2,844 to 7,518 acre-feet. In addition, water levels for 1999-2000 were compared with water levels for 1972-73 to determine if a "drought buffer" exists. Water levels measured in two wells during January 1999-June 2000 exceeded January 1972-June 1973 levels. Water levels in the remaining wells measured during January 1999-June 2000 ranged from less than 1 foot to about 32 feet below 1972-73 water levels. In general, the largest water-level rise between 1996-97 and 1999-2000 was about 37 feet in the southeastern end of the basin; the rise was less than 4 feet in the western end of the basin and about 10 feet north of the Goleta Fault. Long-term hydrographs indicate that water levels have been recovering throughout the basin since the early 1990's.




Description of Study Area


Ground-Water Recharge

Water Budget

Water-Level Measurements

Comparison of 1999-2000 and 1972-73 Water Levels

Water-Level Recovery, 1996-97 to 1999-2000

Summary and Conclusions

References Cited

Water Resources of California

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