Concentrations and annual fluxes for selected water-quality constituents from the USGS National Stream Quality Accounting Network (NASQAN), 1996-2000

By Valerie J. Kelly, Richard P. Hooper, Brent T. Aulenbach, and Mary Janet

Download Instructions

The data files are provided in standard American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) format, organized as simple relational database (RDB) files: tab-delimited flat files, with the first header line containing column names and the second header line containing column formats and widths; comments at the top of each RDB file (denoted with #) provide documentation for the file contents. Each table consists of horizontal rows, representing individual samples or stations, and vertical columns, representing the specific information about the sample or station. The data tables are organized by constituent groups, with each table containing data from all stations for that constituent group. After downloading the files, users can easily subset data using spreadsheets or database programs. No searching or subsetting capabilities are provided in this report.

Plots and hydrographs are presented as figures in Graphics Interchange Format (gif). Maps are presented in Portable Network Graphics (png) format.

Depending on your browser, files may open in the browser window if you select them by left-clicking on the file names. To save the files to disk, select 'Save as' from the File menu; alternatively, you may also be able to right click on the file name and select 'Save target', or 'Save file', etc. You will then be prompted to select a location to save the files.

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