USGS National Computer Technology Meeting: Proceedings, Phoenix, Arizona, November 14-18, 1988

U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Investigations Report 90-4162

by Barbara H. Balthrop and John E. Terry

Table of Contents


Magnetic-tape backup and routine maintenance procedures for a minicomputer system of the U.S. Geological Survey

The development of distributor software for transmitting documents through a computer network

Supporting different types of terminals in a distributed-information environment

Displaying data from the National Water Data Exchange by use of a geographical information system

Using a geographic information system to determine physical basin characteristics for use in flood-frequency equations

The integration of computer graphics and text-editing programs

Use of the graphical kernel system standard for hydrologic applications

Linking digital technology to printing technology for producing publication-quality color graphics

Graphics on microcomputers

Application of user-supplied transformations in computer-graphics programs

A vertical sequence correlator model (VerSeCorr) which is used in the recognition of geophysical log shapes

Computer programs for processing model data and results for steady-state and transient ground-water models

A computer method for estimating ground-water contribution to streamflow using hydrograph-separation techniques

Statistical and graphical methods used to describe ground-water quality in Illinois

Automated data collection and entry techniques for water-use information in Arkansas

Automation of the water-use data base for Minnesota

Development of a data base to accommodate management of water-resources data within a geographic information system (GIS)

The use of optical medium as a means for storage of image and digital data

Automating procedures for annual water data report preparation

32-bit workstations: The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of converting to an open-system, tools environment

Evaluation of three electronic report processing systems for preparing hydrologic reports of the U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division

Evaluation of a desktop reports processing system for producing earth-science technical reports

Use of an electronic page-composition system to prepare camera-ready copy of scientific reports

Evaluation of a user-friendly electronic report processing system for preparation of selected reports





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