HCDN: Streamflow Data Set, 1874 - 1988
By J.R. Slack, Alan M. Lumb, and Jurate Maciunas Landwehr
USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 93-4076


Description, qualifying comments, and acceptable water years.

Drainage area is 11410 sq.mi.                           Datum is 737.11 ft.
Located in hydrologic unit 05010009 at Latitude: 40:36:55N  Longitude: 079:43:07W
Station is in the state of PA (county code 003) and serviced by the PA office.
Channel slope is N.A. feet/mile
Stream length is N.A. miles
Mean basin elevation is N.A. feet above National Geodetic Vertical Datum
Percent of contributing drainage area covered by 
   Storage: N.A.%     Lakes: N.A.%        Forests: N.A.%      Glaciers: N.A.%
Soil infiltration index is N.A. inches
Annual precipitation is N.A. inches
Precipitation intensity is 2.40 inches/24 hour (expected on the average once each two years)
January minimum temperature is 19.00 degrees Fahrenheit

This is a National Water Conditions station.
Comments and qualifications on the data:
   Although the record begins in 1938, regulation beginning at least as early as water year 1952 makes it unsuitable
   for analysis by the HCDN criteria for long periods of suitable record.

There is no acceptable HCDN data for this station.

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