HCDN: Streamflow Data Set, 1874 - 1988
By J.R. Slack, Alan M. Lumb, and Jurate Maciunas Landwehr
USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 93-4076


Description, qualifying comments, and acceptable water years.

Drainage area is 61.0 sq.mi.                            Datum is 4200.00 ft.
Located in hydrologic unit 10010001 at Latitude: 48:57:20N  Longitude: 113:54:00W
Station is in the state of MT (county code 035) and serviced by the MT office.
Channel slope is 74.70 feet/mile
Stream length is 11.70 miles
Mean basin elevation is 6060.00 feet above National Geodetic Vertical Datum
Percent of contributing drainage area covered by 
   Storage: 0.82%     Lakes: 0.82%        Forests: 53.90%     Glaciers: N.A.%
Soil infiltration index is 3.20 inches
Annual precipitation is 84.00 inches
Precipitation intensity is 2.00 inches/24 hour (expected on the average once each two years)
January minimum temperature is 3.00 degrees Fahrenheit

This is a National Water Conditions station.
Comments and qualifications on the data:
   Operated full time only 10 years.

There is no acceptable HCDN data for this station.

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