Preliminary Conceptual Models of the Occurrence, Fate, and Transport of Chlorinated Solvents in Karst Regions of Tennessee


1. Map showing distribution of carbonate rocks in Tennessee

2-4. Diagrams showing:

2. Wetting and nonwetting fluids in various media

3. Matrix diffusion as explained by Pankow and Cherry, 1996

4. Processes controlling DNAPL distribution and fate in the subsurface

5. Map showing location of karst regions of Tennessee

6-9. Generalized hydrogeologic section through:

6. The inner Central Basin of Tennessee

7. The outer Central Basin of Tennessee

8. The Eastern Highland Rim in Tennessee

9. The Cumberland Plateau escarpments in Tennessee

10. The Valley and Ridge in Tennessee

11. A "western toe" type aquifer in Tennessee

12. Diagram showing distribution of potential DNAPL-accumulation sites in a hypothetical karst setting

13. Map showing location of selected Tennessee State Superfund sites with known chlorinated-solvent contamination within karst regions of Tennessee

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