Roughness Characteristics of Natural Channels

U.S. Geological Survey, Water Supply Paper 1849

by Harry H. Barnes, Jr.

Table of Contents





Scope of report

Field investigation

Computation of reach properties and roughness coefficients


Computation procedure

Application of roughness coefficients

Presentation of information

Columbia River at Vernita,Wash. (n=0.024)

Indian Fork below Atwood Dam, near New Cumberland, Ohio. (n=0.026)

Champlin Creek near Colorado City, Tex. (n=0.027)

Clark Fork at St .Regis, Mont. (n=0.028)

Clark Fork above Missoula, Mont.(n=0.030)

Columbia River at The Dalles, Oreg. (n=0.030)

Esopus Creek at Coldbrook, N.Y.(n=0.030)

Salt Creek at Roca, Nebr. (n=0.030)-

Black foot River near Ovando, Mont.(n=0.031)

Coeur d'Alene River near Prichard,Idaho (n=0.032)

Rio Chama near Chamita, N. Mex. (n=0.032;0.036)

Salt River below Stewart Mountain Dam, Ariz. (n=0.032)

Beaver Kill at Cooks Falls, N.Y. (n=0.033)

Clearwater River at Kamiah, Idaho (n=0.033)

Etowah River near Dawsonville, Ga. (n=0.041 ; 0.039 ; 0.035)

West Fork Bitterroot River near Conner, Mont. (n=0.036)

Yakima River at Umtanum, Wash. (n=0.036)

MiddleFork VermilionRivernearDanville, 111. (n=0.037)

Wenatchee River at Plain, Wash. (n=0.037)

Moyie River at Eastport, Idaho (n=0.038)


Tobesofkee Creek nearMacon,Ga. (n=0.043;0.041 ;0.039)

Bull Creek near Ira, Tex. (n=0.041)_

Middle Fork Flathead River near Essex, Mont. (n=0.041)

Middle Oconee River near Athens, Ga. (n=0.042;0.041 ;0.044)

Beaver Creek near New castle, Wyo. (n=0.043)

Catherine Creek near Union, Oreg. (n=0.043)

Chiwawa River near Plain,Wash. (n=0.043)

Esopus Creek at Coldbrook,N.Y. (n=0.043)

Grande Ronde River at La Grande, Oreg. (n=0.043)

Murder Creek near Monticello, Ga.(n=0.045)

Provo River near Hailstone, Utah (n=0.045; 0.073)

Rolling Fork near Boston, Ky. (n=0.046; 0.097)

South Beaverdam Creek near Dewy Rose, Ga. (n=0.052 ; 0.047)

Deep River at Ramseur, N.C. (n=0.049)

Clear Creek near Golden, Colo. (n=0.050)

Chattahoochee River near Leaf, Ga. (n=0.051 ;0.074)

South Fork Clearwater River near Grangeville, Idaho(n=0.051)

Cache Creek near Lower Lake, Calif. (n=0.053;0.079)

East Branch Ausable River at Au Sable Forks, N.Y. (n=0.055)

Middle Branch Westfield River at Goss Heights, Mass. (n==0.056)

Mission Creek near Cashmere, (n=0.057)

Haw River near Benaja, N.C. (n=0.059)

North Fork Cedar River near Lester, Wash. (n=0.059)

Hominy Creek at Candler, N.C. (n=0.060)

Rock Creek Canal near Darby, Mont. (n=0.060)

Merced River at Happy Isles Bridge, near Yosemite, Calif. (n==O.O65)

Pond Creek near Louisville, Ky. (n=0.070)

Boundary Creek near Porthill Idaho (n=0.073)

Rock Creek near Darby, Mont. (n= 0.075)

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