Definitions of Selected Ground-Water Terms - Revisions and Conceptual Refinements

U.S. Geological Survey, Water Supply Paper 1988

by S. W. Lohman

This report is available as a pdf below


This report by an ad hoc Committee on Redefinition of Ground-Water Terms contains recommendations for certain changes in terms and concepts and more importantly for the use of consistent units in ground-water flow equations. The report comes at an appropriate time as communication between hydrologists throughout the world is increasing greatly. There commendations submitted by the committee will make future publications of the Water Resources Division, Geological Survey, more readily understood by all hydrologists and will promote more uniform usage of terms by Geological Survey personnel.

The terms defined and recommendations in the report shall be standard for reports of the Geological Survey. In accordance with prevailing Survey practice, however, it is permissible to use different terms, if local circumstances or conditions so require, once the standard usage has been made clear.

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