USGS Circular 1291

March 2006

Revised February 15, 2007

The Quality of Our Nation’s Waters

Pesticides in the Nation’s Streams and Ground Water, 1992–2001

By Robert J. Gilliom, Jack E. Barbash, Charles G. Crawford, Pixie A. Hamilton, Jeffrey D. Martin, Naomi Nakagaki, Lisa H. Nowell, Jonathan C. Scott, Paul E. Stackelberg, Gail P. Thelin, and David M. Wolock

circ1291Cover (108K)

View the PDF for the entire report (39,493 kb)


Introductory Material (777 kb PDF)

1. Overview of Findings and Implications (5,052 kb PDF)

2. Pesticide Primer (1,322 kb PDF)

3. NAWQA’s Approach to Pesticide Assessment (1,240 kb PDF)

4. Occurrence and Distribution in Streams and Ground Water (10,046 kb PDF)

5. Complexities: Seasonality, Mixtures, and Degradates (973 kb PDF)

6. Potential for Effects on Human Health, Aquatic Life, and Wildlife (5,166 kb PDF)

7. Prediction Where Data are Inadequate (11,990 kb PDF)

8. Long-Term Trends (589 kb PDF)

References Cited (174 kb PDF

Glossary (147 kb PDF

Appendix 1—Pesticide Compounds Analyzed (354)

Appendix 2—Properties Affecting Transport and Fate (238)

Appendix 3—Water-Quality Benchmarks (381 kb PDF)

Appendix 4—List of Abbreviations (105 kb PDF)

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