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Coal Resources Available for Development - A Methodology and Pilot Study

By Jane R. Eggleston1, M. Devereux Carter1, and James C. Cobb2
U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA 20192, 2Kentucky Geological Survey, Lexington, KY.


The authors wish to thank the Kentucky Department of Mines and Minerals, the U.S. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (]Lexington, Ky., office), and the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources for help in defining and gathering the geologic, regulatory, and mining information used in this study. O.B. Davidson, N.K. Gardner, R.E. Sergeant, and S.J. Tewalt were valuable members of the project team in conducting the pilot study. We wish to thank K.J. Englund, N.K. Gardner, H.J. Gluskoter, S.P. Schweinfurth, and R.E. Sergeant for their thorough reviews of this manuscript.


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