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The USGS provides the Nation with reliable and timely earth science information that is used to minimize loss of life and property from natural disasters; to manage energy, mineral, water, and biological resources; to enhance and protect the quality of life; and to contribute to wise economic development and a sustainable future. This science strategy report describes how the GD will carry out its share of this mission for the years 2000-2010. Acquisition of scientific knowledge through research, assessment, and insightful monitoring and the effective communication of that knowledge to planners and decisionmakers will allow the GD and its partners to assist the Nation in meeting a complex, challenging, and promising future.

This science strategy will be implemented by the Chief Geologist, the Associate Chief Geologist for Science, the Associate Chief Geologist for Operations, the three Regional Geologists, and the nine Program Coordinators of the GD. To learn more about GD activities, refer to the list of contacts at the end of this report or visit the GD's World Wide Web site at

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