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Operational Objectives

Objective 6--Institute internal and external reviews

The GD will formalize the process of internal and external reviews to measure progress toward achieving the seven science goals. In addition, these reviews will allow the GD to locate and take advantage of new scientific opportunities and to respond to new societal priorities.

Strategic Actions

Reactivate the GD Science Advisory Committee (SAC).
The SAC will conduct regular internal reviews of GD scientific activities to evaluate progress and to help establish research priorities. The SAC will include scientists from other USGS divisions in the review process.

Solicit input on GD activities from a variety of organizations and disciplines.
The GD will establish a mechanism to obtain input from other USGS divisions, other Federal agencies, States, academia, and industry. Research, assessments, and monitoring conducted by the GD will effectively merge the priorities of customers and partners with GD programmatic priorities.

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