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Operational Objectives

Objective 2--Maintain a first-rate earth-system science library

The USGS library is the premier earth science library in the Nation and contains numerous unique holdings and continuous records of important journals and published series. Besides its critical value for GD investigations, the library is a vital agency resource and is invaluable to the national geoscience community and general public. Approximately 50 percent of library users come from outside the USGS. The role of the USGS as the DOI science agency heightens the necessity to maintain the library as a national resource.

Strategic Actions

Create a publicly available system for computerized searches.
This system will permit access to the holdings of the USGS and other library systems and information data bases. The system will also allow USGS employees at all field and regional centers to make electronic requests for materials.

Increase holdings necessary for investigations of environmental science and biological resource issues.
While expanding holdings in these areas, the GD will maintain those critical to geologic, cartographic, and water-resource studies.

Consider instituting a cost-recovery system for non-USGS customers.
Such a system will require other institutions to reimburse the GD for time-consuming reference work and reproduction costs. In this way, the important role of the USGS library as a national geoscience resource will be acknowledged and the GD will assure that library funding is sufficient to meet the demands of both USGS and non-USGS users.

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