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Operational Objectives

Objective 3--Effectively transfer the knowledge acquired through Geologic Division science activities

To ensure that GD scientific information and data are incorporated into public-policy decisionmaking, the GD must make the Nation aware of its research and help the public understand its significance. This objective demands proactive technology and information transfer from GD personnel at all levels of the organization. Information transfer efforts should focus on those most in need of GD expertise, and the data must be provided in a usable and comprehensible manner. For example, an innovative presentation of geologic and seismic data that may be more useful to planners than standard geologic maps or data is described in Highlight 17.

Strategic Actions

Establish temporary duty assignments for GD staff with State and other Federal agencies.
Such assignments will enhance exchange of scientific information and understanding. The GD will encourage other agencies to send their staff to GD facilities.

Devise an effective strategy for working with media representatives.
The GD will recognize that science writers, newspaper and television reporters, and documentary filmmakers can reach extensive audiences, creating awareness of GD science activities and emphasizing the value of GD data in solving critical problems in the earth and environmental sciences.

Cultivate relationships with Congress and the Executive Branch.
The GD will forge new relationships and expand existing ones by placing GD scientists in targeted temporary-duty assignments and by conducting proactive project-level briefings. These efforts will help policymakers become better informed on earth science issues.

Identify capable spokespersons to work effectively with the media.
The GD will provide training in media relations to scientists who have the ability and interest in becoming GD spokespersons. A list of these spokespersons will be made available to managers and outreach and public affairs officials within the USGS.

Coordinate outreach and education efforts with earth science professional societies.
These organizations are very effective at promoting research and public awareness of the critical role geology plays in many of the Nation's pressing problems. The GD will collaborate with these groups to enhance the impact of its outreach.

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