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Operational Objectives

Objective 5--Promote interdisciplinary research

Achieving the seven science goals requires a significantly increased level of cross-discipline integration and will have major impacts on existing programs. To facilitate progress, mechanisms should be established to promote interprogram and interdivisional research.

Strategic Actions

Prepare an integrated GD science plan.
This plan will present a common prospectus based on the seven science goals. The prospectus will integrate the priorities outlined in each program's 5-year plan.

Enhance the flow of expertise between programs.
The GD will develop strategies to foster interactions at program boundaries. Staffing will shift from a program basis to a division basis so that each program may take advantage of the full range of expertise within the GD.

Encourage rotation of managers and scientists outside the GD.
By working outside their area of expertise, staff members will acquire a broader agency perspective and can enhance scientific interaction across the USGS.

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