By USGS World Energy Assessment Team

U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series 60

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Gautier, D. L., Dolton, G. L., Takahashi, K. I., and Varnes, K. L.,eds., 1995, 1995 National Assessment of United 
          States Oil and Gas Resources - Results, Methodology, and Supporting Data: U.S. Geological Survey Digital
          Data Series DDS-30.

Masters, C.D., Attanasi, E.D., and Root, D.H., 1994, World petroleum assessment and analysis: Proceedings of 
          the 14th World Petroleum Congress: John Wiley and Sons, London, p.529-541.

Masters, C.D., Root, D.H., and Turner, R.M., 1997, World of resource statistics geared for electronic access: Oil 
          & Gas Journal, v. 95, no. 41, p. 98-104.

Minerals Management Service, 1996, An assessment of the undiscovered hydrocarbon potential of the Nationís 
          Outer Continental Shelf: Minerals Management Service OCS Report MMS 96-0034, 40 p.

NRG Associates, Inc., 1995b, The significant oil and gas fields of Canada database: Colorado Springs, Colo., 
          NRG Associates, Inc. [Database available from NRG Associates, Inc., P.O. Box 1655, Colorado Springs, CO 
          80901 U.S.A.]

Petroconsultants, 1996, Petroleum exploration and production database: Houston, Texas, Petroconsultants, Inc. 
         [Database available from Petroconsultants, Inc., P.O. Box 740619, Houston, TX 77274-0619 U.S.A.]

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 Executive Summary  -  U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series 60