San Francisco Bay

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 [Shaded Relief]  False sun illumination of bathymetry and landDTM
 [Backscatter]  Backscatter from multibeam and land DTM.
  Quicktime movie flying through the central SanFrancisco Bay region.
 [Perspective View]  Shaded relief oblique view of bathymetry andland DTM looking from downtown San Francisco, north past Angel Island, towardsTiburon.
 [Stereo Relief]  3-D stereo image of central San Francisco Bay(use 3-D glasses).
 [Data Download] Download Arc/Info Export (.e00) files and full resolutionTIFF images.

 To support the multi-disciplinary San Francisco Bay Project, thesea floor of the west-central San Francisco Bay was mapped using the high-resolutionmultibeam system. The resulting images provide an unprecedented view ofthe various bedform fields in west-central San Francisco Bay, many unknownuntil this survey.

Our specific tasks were to:

  • map the western section of west-central San Francisco Bay
  • determine the distribution of bedforms (marine equivalent of sand dunes)
  • image the waste disposal site just south of Alcatraz Island
  • determine the heights and volumes of rock outcrops that lay directly in the path of ocean tankers that transit San Francisco Bay heading for the Oakland marine terminals.

This mapping effort was a cooperative project with the National Oceanicand Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who provided raw multibeam data froma vital area immediately east of Alcatraz Island.

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