Flyby movie of the central San FranciscoBay Region

This is a Quicktime movie flying through the shaded relief image of thecentral San Francisco Bay region. Many web browsers are capable of viewingQuicktime movies. If this movie does not run on your system and you areon a Macintosh or running Windows 95/98/NT try downloading the Quicktimemovie-playing program from this time, (1999) to our knowledge UNIX platforms cannot run Quicktimedirectly. But there is a program called XANIM available at can be compiled on UNIX platforms to view Quicktime movies.

WARNING: This is a large file (22 mb) so it maytake a few minutes to download.

If this movie is running, you can either watch the whole movie by clickingon the arrow in the bottom left corner of the movie window, or scroll throughscene by scene with the forward and back arrows in the bottom right cornerof the window.

The flight path descends through the Golden Gate and into the centralbay. The movie then circles three pinnacles in the center of the bay, Harding,Shag, and Arch Rocks. Continuing its turn to the south, the movie fliestowards and then circles Alcatraz Island. There is a dredge disposal moundon the south side of the island. The movie then moves north and overlookslarge bedforms created by the bay's tidal currents. Some of the larger bedformsare 2 to 3 meters in height with wavelengths of 30 to 40 meters. Angel Islandcomes into view as the movie turns into Raccoon Straights. The movie thenreverses direction and heads back out the Golden Gate to give a final overallview of the central bay.

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