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EAARL-B Coastal Topography—Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana, 2012: Seamless (Bare Earth and Submerged)

C. Wayne Wright,1 Emily S. Klipp,2 Christine J. Kranenburg,2 Rodolfo J. Troche,1 Xan Fredericks,2 Melanie L. Masessa,2 and David B. Nagle1

1U.S. Geological Survey; 2Cherokee Nation Technology Solutions, St. Petersburg, Florida.

This data series report contains lidar-derived seamless (bare-earth and submerged) topography Geographic Information System (GIS) datasets acquired on August 7 and 8, 2012, for a portion of the Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana.

Click on a tile number (1 - 52) to view the corresponding images and links to each data directory.

UTM Map of the Chandeleur Islands Tile e314_n3292_16Tile e316_n3292_16Tile e314_n3294_16Tile e316_n3294_16Tile e318_n3294_16Tile e316_n3296_16Tile e318_n3296_16Tile e316_n3298_16Tile e318_n3298_16Tile e320_n3298_16Tile e318_n3300_16Tile e320_n3300_16Tile e318_n3302_16Tile e320_n3302_16Tile e322_n3302_16Tile e322_n3304_16Tile e320_n3304_16Tile e322_n3306_16Tile e320_n3306_16Tile e324_n3308_16Tile e322_n3308_16Tile e320_n3308_16Tile e324_n3310_16Tile e322_n3310_16Tile e320_n3310_16Tile e324_n3312_16Tile e322_n3312_16Tile e320_n3312_16Tile e324_n3314_16Tile e322_n3314_16Tile e320_n3314_16Tile e324_n3316_16Tile e322_n3316_16Tile e320_n3316_16Tile e324_n3318_16Tile e322_n3318_16Tile e320_n3318_16Tile e324_n3320_16Tile e322_n3320_16Tile e320_n3320_16Tile e318_n3320_16Tile e322_n3322_16Tile e320_n3322_16Tile e318_n3322_16Tile e322_n3324_16Tile e320_n3324_16Tile e318_n3324_16Tile e322_n3326_16Tile e320_n3326_16Tile e318_n3326_16Tile e320_n3328_16Tile e318_n3328_16

Click on the link below to access the shapefile directory of the 2-km by 2-km tile extents displayed above.

Shapefile of Tile Extents

Suggested Citation:

Wright, C.W., Klipp, E.S., Kranenburg, C.J., Troche, R.J., Fredericks, Xan, Masessa, M.L., and Nagle, D.B., 2015, EAARL-B coastal topography–Chandeleur Islands, Louisiana, 2012—Seamless (bare earth and submerged): U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 913,

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