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Data Series 1062

Prepared in cooperation with the Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership

A Reservoir Morphology Database for the Conterminous United States

By Kirk D. Rodgers

Conversion Factors

U.S. customary units to International System of Units

MultiplyByTo obtain
foot (ft)0.3048meter (m)
mile (mi)1.609kilometer (km)
acre4,047square meter (m2)
acre0.4047hectare (ha)
acre0.4047square hectometer (hm2)
acre0.004047square kilometer (km2)
square foot (ft2)929.0square centimeter (cm2)
square foot (ft2)0.09290square meter (m2)
square mile (mi2)259.0hectare (ha)
square mile (mi2)2.590square kilometer (km2)
acre-foot (acre-ft)1,233cubic meter (m3)
acre-foot (acre-ft)0.001233cubic hectometer (hm3)
Flow rate
foot per second (ft/s)0.3048meter per second (m/s)
cubic foot per second (ft3/s)0.02832cubic meter per second (m3/s)

International System of Units to U.S. customary units

MultiplyByTo obtain
kilometer (km)0.6214mile (mi)
kilometer (km)0.5400mile, nautical (nmi)
square meter (m2)0.0002471acre
cubic meter (m3)35.31cubic foot (ft3)
cubic meter (m3)0.0008107acre-foot (acre-ft)


ERF1_2U.S. Geological Survey Enhanced River Reach File
NHDNational Hydrography Dataset
NIDNational Inventory of Dams
NIDIDNational Inventory of Dams Identification Number
RMDReservoir Morphology Database
SPARROWSPAtially Referenced Regressions on Watershed attributes model
USGSU.S. Geological Survey

First posted September 13, 2017

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