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Feedback on usSEABED is appreciated, both on usefulness and on error detection. Please use the following contact information for issues, questions, and(or) data to contribute to the growing usSEABED information system in the U.S. EEZ.

More information about usSEABED and its uses within the USGS can be found on the project pages:

Jane A. Reid: for information about the Benthic Habitats project and (or) adding Pacific Coast, Alaska or Hawaii data
USGS, Pacific Science Center
400 Natural Bridges Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

S. Jeffress Williams: for information about the Marine Aggregates project and (or) adding Atlantic and (or) Gulf Coast Data
USGS, Woods Hole Science Center
384 Woods Hole Road
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1598

Chris J. Jenkins: for information about the dbSEABED program and data around the world
University of Colorado
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
1560 30th Street
Campus Box 450
Boulder CO, 80309-0450

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