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U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 182, usSEABED: Pacific Coast Offshore Surficial-Sediment Data Release, version 1.0

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Table 4. Components (features_F) processed within usSEABED
Only the descriptive terms found in source reports are defined in the dbSEABED thesaurus. Conversely, as usSEABED uses the same thesaurus as its sister data compilations (auSEABED, goSEABED), some terms listed below may not occur within U.S. waters. Only one of possible variations is listed below; for example, laminated (laminae, lamination), and mollusc (mollusk, mollusca).
Senior synonym Triggering Words (word variations not included)
andest andesite, augite andesite, benmoreite, trachyandesite
anmne_F anemone, tube anemone, cerinth, cerianthid, coryanactid
annld_F annelid, arenicola, beachworm, bloodworm, bristleworm, funnelworm, nereid worm, polychaete, polynoid
aren_frm arenaceous foraminfera, agglutinated foramifera, ammobaculite, ammodiscus, textularid foraminfera
artif_F artificial, soot, anchor, brass, cinder, coal, contaminated, lumber, obstruction, petroleum, oil, gas, rubber band, snag, tar, wood chip, wreck
asterd_F asteroid, basket star, briseaster, sea star, starfish
barit barite (-concretion -vein)
baslt basalt, diorite, metabasalt, scoria, trap rock, trachybasalt
bioturb bioturbation
bitumn bitumin
biv bivalve, arctica, astarte, cardium, chama, chione, chlmys, clam (-shell -flat material -hash -valves), cockle (anadara -shell), donax, glycymeris, katalysia, lamellibranch, macoma, mercenaria, mulinia, mussel (-bed -bank -shell), mya, mytilus, nucula, pelecypod, quahog, rangia, seep mytilid, slipper shells, surf clam, tellina, tellinid, venerid, venus clams, vesicomyid, yoldia
bluschst blue schist, crossite-albite schist, crossite-quartz schist, glaucophane, quartz crossite schist, quartz glaucophane schist
bnth_frm benthic foraminfera, archaias, bolivina, bulimina, coralline forams, discorbis, eponides, homotrema, hyaline, lenticulina, loxostema, miliolid, nodosirid, nonien, notosirid, peneroplis, porcellanous, rotaiid, uvigerina
borng_F boring, bioeroded
brach brachiopod, lingula
brncl barnacle
bryz bryozoa, polyzoa
burw_F burrow, chondrite, clam siphon, crab hole, lebensspurren, Thalassinoides
c_alg calcareous algae, purple algae, red algae
calc_ooz calcareous ooze, nannofossil (-mud -ooze), pteropod (-mud -ooze), foraminiferal (-marl -ooze -mud), globigerina (-mud -ooze)
calcrst calcareous crust, tufa
calct calcite (-cement -core -filling -veinlets)
carb allogenic grain, authigenic carbonate, biogenic, calcareous, calcilutite, calcarenite, calcirudite, calcareous biogenic, carbonate, limey, marl, skeletal micrite
chrcoal_F charcoal, fire debris
chrt chert, flint, porcellanite
claymin clay mineral, bentonite, chlorite, collophane, illite, kaolinite
clypeast clypeasteriod, sand dollar
coal coal, lignite, bituminous
coralgl algal coral, coralgal
crab crab, hermit crab, sand crab, spider crab, swimming crab
crinod_F crinoid, basket star
crl coral, Acropora palmata, brain coral, Dendrophyllia, Madrepore, Manicina, Porite, sea twig
crl_dbr coral debris
crlrf coral reef, coral heads, shingle bank, reefal shoal
crnalg coralline algae, calcareous algae, lithothamnion
crustac crustacea, decapods, lobster, shrimp shell
defrmn_F deformation, convolute, flame structure, flow structure, load (-cast -structure), pull apart
diat diatom, diatomite/diatomaceous
dolmt dolomite, ankerite, molar magnesium carbonate
echnd echinoid, heart urchin, keyhole urchin, sea urchin, spiny urchin
echndrm_F echinoderm
fault_F fault
fces feces, coprolite
ferug ferruginous, iron fragment, iron (-cement -streak -flake -stain), iron stone, laterite, limonite
flasr_bed_F flaser bed
fld feldspar, albite, andesine, anorthorite, K-feldspar, labradorite, orthoclase, plagioclase
frm calcareous foramifera, foraminifera, globigerina bit, planktonic
gas foamy, gas
gbbro gabbro, diabase, diorite, dolerite, meta-dolerite, monzodiorite, monzonite, quartz diorite
glacl glacial, diamicton, erratic, moraine, till
glauc glauconite, greensand
gniss gneiss, diorite gneiss, granite gneiss
gradd_F coarsening upward, fining upward, increasing grain size, normally graded, reverse graded
granit granite, aplite, granodiorite, pegmatite
grnschst greenschist
gstrpd gastropod, cerithium, conch, turitella, snail, nassarius, olivella, tenebrae, turitella
h2s hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide (-odor -smell), sulfur odor
halmda halimeda, Peyssonnelia
holoth holothurian, sea cucumber
hvy_min heavy mineral, anatase, andalusite, apatite, black sand, brookite, cassiterite, clinozoisite, corundum, dumortierite, epidote, garnet, ilmenite, jadeite, kyanite, leucoxene, magnetite, monazite, ore mineral, piedmontite, rutile, sillimanite, sphene, spinel, staurolite, titanomagnetite, titanite, tourmaline, topaz, zircon, zoisite
hydrt hydrate, gas hydrate
ign_rck igneous rock, acidic rock, alkali basinite, augite plagioclase porphyry, augite porphyry, basic rock, dacite, felsite, olivine plagioclase clinopyroxene, olivine plagioclase phyric, plagioclase andesite porphyry, plagioclase augite porphyry, plagioclase porphyry, plutonic rock, porphyry, rhyolite, syenite, trachyte
klp_F kelp, brown algae, ecklonia, M. vertebralis, red brown algae
lamintd_F laminated
lenticlr_bed lenticular bed, lenticular mass
limstn limestone, beach rock, bioclastic (-floatstone -grainstone -limestone -rudstone), boundstone, bryozoan (-floatstone -grainstone -rudstone), calcareous (-chip -rubble -rock), coral limestone, floatstone, grainstone, packstone, rudstone, wackestone
lmp_F lump, aggregate, ball, cast, clump, compact clot, intraclast, pellet, pisolitic, peloid
lrg_frm large foram, foraminferal gravel, amphistegina, heterostegina, macro foraminifera, marginopora
maf mafic, actinolite, aegirite, amphibole, augite, (brown- green- basaltic-) hornblende, bronzite, clinopyroxene, ferromagnesian, hypersthene, olivine, orthopyroxene, oxyhornblende, pyroxene, titanaugite, titaniferous, tremolite
met metamorphic, calcsilicate, granitized, mylonite, porphyroblast, saussurite
methne methane
metlif metalliferous
mica mica, biotite, chlorite, muscovite, sericite, talc
mlsc mollusc
mn_crst manganese crust, manganese iron oxide crust, manganese nodule, manganese pavement, manganese phosphate material
mn_nod manganese nodule, iron manganese nodule, manganese concretion, micronodule
mnoxd manganese oxide, iron-manganese (-coat -stain -veneer), iron-manganese oxide
motl_F mottle, chickwire mottle
mudlmp_F mud lump, armored mud ball, silty lump, clay (-aggregate -ball -chip -clast -gall -lump -mass -pod), mud (-aggregate -ball -chunk -clump -clot -clast -lump -pebble -pellet), claystone (-chip -gall), sandstone fragment, soft pebble, shale (-fragment -concretion)
mudstn mudstone, calcareous (-mudstone -siltstone), clay (-rock -shale -stone), marlstone, mud (-rock -stone), pelite, shale, siliceous shale, siltstone
nan nannofossil coccolith, nannofossil (-coccolith -ooze), silicoflagellate
nod_F nodule, concretion
odr odor, anoxic, fetid, foul, fishy, organic, sewage, smell
oil oil, oil glob, oil sheen
ool oolite, sporbo
ooz ooze
ophiurd_F ophiuroid, brittle star, ophiomusium
orgcbn organic carbon, carbonaceous, organic (-streak -detritus -matter -mud -content -enriched -material -part -particle -rich -rimmed), sapropel
oyst oyster, jingle shell
peat peat, lignite
pelag pelagic, hemipelagic, planktic, planktonic
phspht phosphate, phosphorite
pit_F pit, crater, feeding depression, hole, pockmark, mound, resting trace
planr_bed_F planar bed
plnk_frm planktonic foramifera, globerina, globorotalid, planktic foraminfera
plnt_F plant, mangrove, root, vegetation, weed, root
ptr pteropod
pumc pumice, ash
pyrt pyrite, marcasite
qtz quartz, arkosic sand, calcareous quartz sand, milky vein quartz, quartz (-content -fragment -grain -granule -groundmass -mass -rich -vein -veinlet -crystal), quartzose, quartzite (-cobble -gravel -pebble), sandstone (-chunk -fragment), silica
rad radiolaria
ripl ripple, bedform
rlct_F relict
root_struct root structure, root clast, root trace
rzr_clm razor clam, ensis, pinna, pteria, pelecypod
schst schist, (-albite-chlorite-epidote, -albite-chlorite, -albite-mica, -albite-quartz-chlorite, -biotit -quartz, -chlorit -albite, -chlorite-quartz-albite, -chlorite, -phyllitic, -quartz-albite, -quartz-albite-chlorite, -quartz-biotite, -quartz-chlorite)
scllp scallop, astropecten, pecten, placopecten
scour scour, crag and tail, erosional, lag deposit
scphpd scaphopod, dentalium
seagrs_F seagrass, acetabularia, amphibolis, batophora, eel grass, grass, halophila, heterozostera, phyllospadix, posidonia, sargassum, strap grass, syringodium, manatee grass, thallassia, zostera
sft_alg_F soft algae, algal (-scum -filament -mush -strand), Bossea, green algae, macrophytic, red algae
sftcrl_F soft coral, alcynacian, ascidian, coelentrate, gorgonian, hydrozoa
shl shell, shell (-bed -bank -carpet -fraction -content -material), shellfish, valves
shl_dbr shell debris, shell hash, coquina, shell (-bit -conglomerate -fragments -festoon -grit -lag -mash -material -piece -particle)
shrmp_F shrimp, amphipod, ampelisca, copepod, isopod, tanid
sidrt siderite, siderite nodule
sil_ooz siliceous ooze, siliceous mud
slte slate, phyllite, quartzite, metamorphic rock
sndstn sandstone, gritstone, graywacke, labile sandstone, sandstone reef, wacke
sol_crl solitary coral, cup coral, disc coral, horn coral, lophelia coral
spng_F sponge, calcareous sponge, glass sponge, hard sponge, hexactinellid sponge, porifera, Thalassodendron sponge
spoil_F spoil, brick, coke, dumped sediment
srpul serpulid, serpulid tube, serpulid worm tube
sulf sulfide, chalcopyrite
trail_F trail, trace (animal), track
trrg terrigenous, lithic, inorganic
umafic ultramafic, amphibolite, anorthosite, dunite, greenstone, harzburgite, lherzolite, norite, orthopyroxenite, periodotite, picrite, pyroxenite, serpentinite, troctolite, wehrlite
vol_rck volcanic rock, volcanic -cobble -pebble
volgls volcanic glass, obsidian, hyaloclastite, pyroclastic, quenched, vitric, subvitreous
volrck volcanic rock, welded tuff
volsed volcanic sediment, ash, tuff, lapilli
wood wood, bark, twig
wrm_F worm, chordate, echiurid, (fan- flat- glob- juicy- long- sand-) tube worm, maldanid, pogonophora, priapulida , sliverfish, siphunculid, tunicate
wrm_tbe_F worm tube (-agglutinated -amphipod -annelid -arenicola -chitinous -diopatra -polychaete -pogonophoran, -vestimetiform)
wavy_bed_F wavy bed

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Any use of trade names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

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