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EAARL Coastal Topography–Fire Island National Seashore 2007

Amar Nayegandhi,1 John C. Brock,2 C. Wayne Wright,3 Sara Stevens,4 Xan Yates,1 and Jamie M. Bonisteel1

1Jacobs Technology Inc., St. Petersburg, FL; 2U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Reston, VA; 3U.S. Geological Survey, Florida Integrated Science Center, St. Petersburg, FL; 4National Park Service, Northeast Coastal and Barrier Network, Kingston, RI

This DVD contains Lidar-derived first surface (FS) and bare earth (BE) topography GIS datasets of Fire Island National Seashore in New York. These datasets were acquired on April 29-30 and May 15-16, 2007.

Click on a tile number (1-40) to view the corresponding images and links to each data directory.

UTM Map of Fire Island National Seashore 2007 Tile e648_n4500_18Tile e650_n4500_18Tile e652_n4500_18Tile e652_n4502_18Tile e652_n4504_18Tile e650_n4502_18Tile e658_n4502_18Tile e656_n4502_18Tile e654_n4502_18Tile e660_n4504_18Tile e658_n4504_18Tile e656_n4504_18Tile e654_n4504_18Tile e662_n4504_18Tile e664_n4504_18Tile e650_n4504_18Tile e648_n4502_18Tile e668_n4506_18Tile e666_n4506_18Tile e664_n4506_18Tile e668_n4508_18Tile e670_n4508_18Tile e672_n4508_18Tile e672_n4510_18Tile e674_n4510_18Tile e676_n4510_18Tile e676_n4512_18Tile e686_n4514_18Tile e688_n4516_18Tile e686_n4516_18Tile e684_n4516_18Tile e682_n4516_18Tile e684_n4514_18Tile e682_n4514_18Tile e680_n4514_18Tile e682_n4512_18Tile e680_n4512_18Tile e678_n4512_18Tile e676_n4514_18Tile e674_n4512_18

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