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Data Series 529

Prepared under the auspices of the U.S. Task Force for Business and Stability Operations

Streamflow Characteristics at Streamgages in Northern Afghanistan and Selected Locations

By Scott A. Olson and Tara Williams-Sether


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Statistical summaries of streamflow data for 79 historical streamgages in Northern Afghanistan and other selected historical streamgages are presented in this report. The summaries for each streamgage include (1) station description, (2) graph of the annual mean discharge for the period of record, (3) statistics of monthly and annual mean discharges, (4) monthly and annual flow duration, (5) probability of occurrence of annual high discharges, (6) probability of occurrence of annual low discharges, (7) probability of occurrence of seasonal low discharges, (8) annual peak discharges for the period of record, and (9) monthly and annual mean discharges for the period of record.

First posted September 8, 2010

For additional information contact:
International Water Resources Branch
U.S. Geological Survey
420 National Center
Reston, VA 20192

Part or all of this report is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF); the latest version of Adobe Reader or similar software is required to view it. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, free of charge.

Suggested citation:

Olson, S.A., and Williams-Sether, T., 2010, Streamflow characteristics at streamgages in northern Afghanistan and selected locations: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 529, 512 p., at




History of the Streamgaging Program in Afghanistan

Explanation of Streamgage Summaries

Station Description

Statistics of Monthly and Annual Mean Discharges

Monthly and Annual Flow Duration

Probability of Occurrence of High or Low Discharges

Annual Peak Discharges

Monthly and Annual Mean Discharges

Data Considerations

Selected References

Streamflow Statistics

1-0.000-1M Kabul River at Dakah

1-0.000-4S Kabul River near Daronta

1-0.000-5W Kabul River at Naghlu

1-0.000-6M Kabul River at Tang-i-Gharu

1-2.R00-7T Hazarnaw River at Sabay

1-4.1R0-1A Pech River at Chaghasarai

1-4.2R0-1A Landaisin River near Gawardesh

1-4.L00-1A Konar River at Pul-i-Kama

1-4.L00-2T Konar River near Konari

1-4.L00-3A Konar River at Nawabad

1-4.L00-4T Konar River near Asmar

1-5.R00-1A Surkhrud River near Sultanpur

1-6.L00-1A Laghman River at Pul-i-Qarghai

1-7.L00-1A Tagab River at Tagab

1-8.21L-1A Salang River at Bagh-i-Lala

1-8.2R0-1A Ghorband River at Pul-i-Aahawa

1-8.3R0-1A Shatul River at Gulbahar

1-8.L00-3A Panjsher River at Shukhi

1-8.L00-5A Panjsher River at Gulbahar

1-8.L00-8A Panjsher River at Omarz

1-9.R00-4W Chakari River at Band-i-Amir Ghazi

1-11.1L0-4W Qargha River Below Qargha Reservoir

1-11.1L0-5W Qargha River above Qargha Reservoir

1-11.L00-1A Paghman River at Pul-i-Sokhta

2-4.000-5A Urgun River at Pirkoti

2-4.4L0-2T Dahane Legad River near Urgun

8-0.000-1M Hari Rud River at Tir Pul

8-0.000-2M Hari Rud River at Pul-i-Hashimi

8-0.000-3S Hari Rud River at Pul-i-Pashtoon

8-0.000-4M Hari Rud River at Robat-i-Akhond

8-0.000-5M Hari Rud River at Tagaw Ghaza

8-0.000-7M Hari Rud River at Chekhcheran

8-0.000-9M Hari Rud River at Daulatyar

8-1.R00-9T Senjab River at Khush Rabat

8-2.R00-3A Karukh River near Herat

8-3.L00-1A Kowgan River at Langar

8-3.L00-6A Kowgan River at Tangi Azu

8-11.L00-1A Lal River at Shinya

9-0.000-1M Murghab River at Bala Murghab

9-0.000-5M Murghab River at Qala-i-Niazkhan

9-1.000-1A Gulran River at Char Takhta

9-2.000-1A Kushk River at Chil Dukhtaran

9-3.000-1A Kashan River at Babulai

9-4.R00-8A Chichaktu River at Chichaktu

9-5.L00-1A Bum River at Luka-i-Surkh

10-0.000-3M Shirin Tagab River at Pata Baba

10-0.000-4M Shirin Tagab River at Daulatabad

10-0.000-6M Shirin Tagab River at Khisht Pul

10-1.1L0-7A Qaisar River at Qaisar

10-1.L00-1T Maimana River near Pata Baba

11-0.000-4M Sare Pul River at Asiabad

11-1.R00-1A Shorab River River near Sare Pul

12-0.000-1M Balkh River at Rabat-i-Bala

12-0.000-9M Balkh River near Nayak

12-0.000-10M Balkh River Below Band-i-Amir

12-1.R00-1A Suf River near Kishandeh

13-0.000-1M Khulm River at Tangi Tashqurghan

13-0.000-2M Khulm River at Sayad

14-0.000-1M Kunduz River at Kulukh Tepa

14-0.000-2M Kunduz River at Char Dara

14-0.000-3M Kunduz River at Gerdab

14-0.000-4M Kunduz River at Baghlan

14-0.000-5S Kunduz River at Pul-i-Khumri

14-0.000-6M Kunduz River at Pul-i-Konda Sang

14-0.000-8M Kunduz River at Dasht-i-Safed

14-1.1L0-1A Bangi River at Pul-i-Bangi

14-1.R00-2A Taloqan River at Pul-i-Chugha

14-1.R00-5A Farkhar River near Taloqan

14-5.R00-1A Andarab River at Doshi

14-9.5R0-1T Foladi River at Bamyan

14-9.R00-1A Bamyan River at Doab

14-9.R00-6T Bamyan River at Ahangaran

14-9.R00-8A Bamyan River at Bamyan

15-0.000-1M Kokcha River at Khogaghar

15-0.000-3M Kokcha River near Keshem

15-0.000-6M Kokcha River near Jurm

15-1.L00-1A Keshem River near Keshem

15-10.R00-1A Warduj River at Shashpul

15-10.R00-2A Warduj River near Baharak

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