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Below are thumbnail images of each line with links to full-size printable seismic reflection profiles. The printable profiles are GIF images that were filtered and gained using Seismic Unix software. These images are stored in the printable folder. Refer to the Software page for details about the processing and examples of the processing scripts.

The 97LCA01 Location Map and 97LCA02 and 97LCA03 Location Map show the location of each profile and contain links to the printable profiles.

NOTE: Line halfmo1 was terminated early due to a software malfunction and no data were collected for lines halfmo2 or irl_4; consequently, they are not included in this archive.

SEG-Y Format
How to Download SEG-Y Data
FGDC Metadata

97LCA01 | 97LCA02 | 97LCA03

Line halfmo1   212 traces:
Start of line: halfmo1     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=18  minute=42  sec=41
End of line: halfmo1   SHOT=212  day=55 hour=18  minute=44  sec=26
halfmo1 thumbnail

Line halfmo3   677 traces:
Start of line: halfmo3     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=18  minute=52  sec=59
End of line: halfmo3   SHOT=677  day=55 hour=18  minute=58  sec=37
halfmo3 thumbnail

Line halfmo4  1182 traces:
Start of line: halfmo4     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=18  minute=59  sec=16
End of line: halfmo4  SHOT=1182  day=55 hour=19   minute=9   sec=7
halfmo4 thumbnail

Line halfmo5   557 traces:
Start of line: halfmo5     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=19   minute=9  sec=37
End of line: halfmo5   SHOT=557  day=55 hour=19  minute=14  sec=13
halfmo5 thumbnail

Line halfmo6   903 traces:
Start of line: halfmo6     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=19  minute=21  sec=49
End of line: halfmo6   SHOT=903  day=55 hour=19  minute=29  sec=19
halfmo6 thumbnail

Line halfmo7   669 traces:
Start of line: halfmo7     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=19  minute=29  sec=52
End of line: halfmo7   SHOT=669  day=55 hour=19  minute=35  sec=27
halfmo7 thumbnail

Line halfmo8   949 traces:
Start of line: halfmo8     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line: halfmo8   SHOT=949  day=55 hour=19  minute=43  sec=45
halfmo8 thumbnail

Line halfmo9   870 traces:
Start of line: halfmo9     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=19  minute=44  sec=27
End of line: halfmo9   SHOT=870  day=55 hour=19  minute=51  sec=42
halfmo9 thumbnail

Line halfmo10   610 traces:
Start of line: halfmo10     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=19  minute=53  sec=15
End of line: halfmo10   SHOT=610  day=55 hour=19  minute=58  sec=21
halfmo10 thumbnail

Line halfmo11   903 traces:
Start of line: halfmo11     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=19  minute=59   sec=3
End of line: halfmo11   SHOT=903  day=55 hour=20   minute=6  sec=33
halfmo11 thumbnail

Line halfmo12  1933 traces:
Start of line: halfmo12     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=20   minute=8  sec=51
End of line: halfmo12  SHOT=1933  day=55 hour=20  minute=24  sec=57
halfmo12 thumbnail

Line halfmo13   776 traces:
Start of line: halfmo13     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line: halfmo13   SHOT=776  day=55 hour=20  minute=31  sec=45
halfmo13 thumbnail

Line halfmo14  1499 traces:
Start of line: halfmo14     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=20  minute=32  sec=42
End of line: halfmo14  SHOT=1499  day=55 hour=20  minute=45  sec=12
halfmo14 thumbnail

Line halfmo15   440 traces:
Start of line: halfmo15     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=20  minute=45  sec=36
End of line: halfmo15   SHOT=440  day=55 hour=20  minute=49  sec=15
halfmo15 thumbnail

Line halfmo16   789 traces:
Start of line: halfmo16     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line: halfmo16   SHOT=789  day=55 hour=20  minute=56  sec=21
halfmo16 thumbnail

Line halfmo17   547 traces:
Start of line: halfmo17     SHOT=1  day=55 hour=20  minute=59  sec=36
End of line: halfmo17   SHOT=547  day=55 hour=21   minute=4   sec=9
halfmo17 thumbnail

Line round1  1141 traces:
Start of line:  round1     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=16  minute=41  sec=49
End of line:  round1  SHOT=1141  day=56 hour=16  minute=51  sec=19
round1 thumbnail

Line round2   599 traces:
Start of line:  round2     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line:  round2   SHOT=599  day=56 hour=16  minute=56  sec=39
round2 thumbnail

Line round3   471 traces:
Start of line:  round3     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line:  round3   SHOT=471  day=56 hour=17   minute=0  sec=57
round3 thumbnail

Line round4   524 traces:
Start of line:  round4     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=17   minute=1  sec=24
End of line:  round4   SHOT=524  day=56 hour=17   minute=5  sec=45
round4 thumbnail

Line round5   666 traces:
Start of line:  round5     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=17   minute=6  sec=12
End of line:  round5   SHOT=666  day=56 hour=17  minute=11  sec=45
round5 thumbnail

Line round6   539 traces:
Start of line:  round6     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line:  round6   SHOT=539  day=56 hour=17  minute=16  sec=42
round6 thumbnail

Line dosson1   757 traces:
Start of line: dosson1     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=20  minute=16  sec=19
End of line: dosson1   SHOT=757  day=56 hour=20  minute=22  sec=37
dosson1 thumbnail

Line dosson2   758 traces:
Start of line: dosson2     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=20  minute=23  sec=55
End of line: dosson2   SHOT=758  day=56 hour=20  minute=30  sec=13
dosson2 thumbnail

Line dosson3   753 traces:
Start of line: dosson3     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line: dosson3   SHOT=753  day=56 hour=20  minute=37   sec=7
dosson3 thumbnail

Line dosson4  3017 traces:
Start of line: dosson4     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=20  minute=37  sec=37
End of line: dosson4  SHOT=3017  day=56 hour=21   minute=2  sec=46
dosson4 thumbnail

Line dosson5   547 traces:
Start of line: dosson5     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=21  minute=17  sec=16
End of line: dosson5   SHOT=547  day=56 hour=21  minute=21  sec=49
dosson5 thumbnail

Line dosson6  1000 traces:
Start of line: dosson6     SHOT=1  day=56 hour=21  minute=22  sec=13
End of line: dosson6  SHOT=1000  day=56 hour=21  minute=30  sec=31
dosson6 thumbnail

Line: sb_1 16716 traces:
Start of line:    sb_1     SHOT=1 day=148 hour=12  minute=24  sec=38
End of line:    sb_1 SHOT=16716 day=148 hour=14  minute=43  sec=56
sb_1 thumbnail

Line: sb_2_a 20000 traces:
Start of line:  sb_2_a     SHOT=1 day=149 hour=12   minute=0  sec=20
End of line:  sb_2_a SHOT=20000 day=149 hour=14  minute=46  sec=58
sb_2_a thumbnail

Line: sb_2_b  4046 traces:
Start of line:  sb_2_b SHOT=20001 day=149 hour=14  minute=47   sec=1
End of line:  sb_2_b SHOT=24046 day=149 hour=15  minute=20  sec=43
sb_2_b thumbnail

Line: sb_3  2951 traces:
Start of line:    sb_3     SHOT=1 day=149 hour=15  minute=26  sec=10
End of line:    sb_3  SHOT=2951 day=149 hour=15  minute=50  sec=44
sb_3 thumbnail

Line: sb_4  5207 traces:
Start of line:    sb_4     SHOT=1 day=149 hour=15  minute=51  sec=23
End of line:    sb_4  SHOT=5207 day=149 hour=16  minute=34  sec=46
sb_4 thumbnail

Line: sb_5  3736 traces:
Start of line:    sb_5     SHOT=1 day=149 hour=17  minute=19  sec=45
End of line:    sb_5  SHOT=3736 day=149 hour=17  minute=50  sec=51
sb_5 thumbnail

Line: sb_6  3548 traces:
Start of line:    sb_6     SHOT=1 day=149 hour=17  minute=51  sec=27
End of line:    sb_6  SHOT=3548 day=149 hour=18  minute=21   sec=2
sb_6 thumbnail

Line: irl_1  2459 traces:
Start of line:   irl_1     SHOT=1   day=0  hour=0   minute=0   sec=0
End of line:   irl_1  SHOT=2459   day=0 hour=23  minute=14  sec=38
irl_1 thumbnail

Line: irl_2   434 traces:
Start of line:   irl_2     SHOT=1   day=0 hour=23  minute=16  sec=46
End of line:   irl_2   SHOT=434   day=0 hour=23  minute=23  sec=58
irl_2 thumbnail

Line: irl_3  2361 traces:
Start of line:   irl_3     SHOT=1   day=0 hour=23  minute=24  sec=36
End of line:   irl_3  SHOT=2361   day=0  hour=0   minute=3  sec=56
irl_3 thumbnail

Line: irl_5 10389 traces:
Start of line:   irl_5     SHOT=1   day=0 hour=16  minute=36  sec=41
End of line:   irl_5 SHOT=10389   day=0 hour=18   minute=3  sec=15
irl_5 thumbnail

Line: irl_6 11517 traces:
Start of line:   irl_6     SHOT=1   day=0 hour=13  minute=11  sec=36
End of line:   irl_6 SHOT=11517   day=0 hour=14  minute=47  sec=34
irl_6 thumbnail

Line: irl_7  4264 traces:
Start of line:   irl_7     SHOT=1   day=0 hour=17  minute=18  sec=35
End of line:   irl_7  SHOT=4264   day=0 hour=17  minute=54   sec=7
irl_7 thumbnail

Line: irl_8  3673 traces:
Start of line:   irl_8     SHOT=1   day=0 hour=17  minute=55   sec=5
End of line:   irl_8  SHOT=3673   day=0 hour=18  minute=25  sec=41
irl_8 thumbnail

Line: irl_9  4326 traces:
Start of line:   irl_9     SHOT=1   day=0 hour=18  minute=26  sec=21
End of line:   irl_9  SHOT=4326   day=0 hour=19   minute=2  sec=23
irl_9 thumbnail

Line: irl_10  8231 traces:
Start of line:  irl_10     SHOT=1   day=198 hour=19   minute=3  sec=43
End of line:  irl_10  SHOT=8231   day=198 hour=20  minute=12  sec=19
irl_10 thumbnail

Line: irl_11 19718 traces:
Start of line:  irl_11     SHOT=1   day=198 hour=14  minute=41  sec=22
End of line:  irl_11 SHOT=19718   day=198 hour=17  minute=25  sec=40
irl_11 thumbnail

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