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HA 730-D

Ozark Plateaus aquifer system

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Ozark aquifer

Figure 100 Map showing thickness of the Ozark and Cambrian-Ordovician aquifers (33K)
editable eps file D100.eps.gz (99K compressed)

Figure 101 Map showing potentiometric contours (33K)
editable eps file D101.eps.gz (165K compressed)

Figure 102 Graph showing change in depth of water (17K)
editable eps file D102.eps.gz (33K compressed)

Figure 103 Photo of sinkhole (50K)
This illustration contains a placed image. Download the Adobe Illustrator 6 eps file D103.eps.gz (5.6M compressed) which contains an imbedded Adobe Photoshop 3 (eps) file. You may also want to download the editable Photoshop file D103psh.eps.gz (5.6M compressed)

Figure 104 Map showing dissolved-solids concentration (33K)
editable eps file D104.eps.gz (83K compressed)

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