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Miscellaneous Investigations Series I-1420 (NL-15)

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Quaternary Geologic Map of the Minneapolis 4° x 6° Quadrangle, United States

Edited and integrated by Gerald M. Richmond and David S. Fullerton

State compilations by Joseph E. Goebel, David M. Mickelson, William R. Farrand, Lee Clayton, James C. Knox, Adam Cahow, Howard C. Hobbs and Matt S. Walton, Jr.

This map is part of the Quaternary Geologic Atlas of the United States (I-1420). It was first published as a printed edition in 1983. The geologic data have now been captured digitally and are presented here along with images of the printed map sheet and component parts as PDF files.

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I-1420 (NL-15)
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Version 1.1

Posted January 2007

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