U.S. Geological Survey
Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2206

Shaded Relief Map of the Conterminous US

Landforms of the Conterminous United States - A Digital Shaded-Relief Portrayal


By: Gail P. Thelin and Richard J. Pike

Download the full sheet in tiff image format: usa_shade.tif (6096x3800 pixels; about 13"x20" at 300 dpi; 11.8 MB using no compression)

Download the full sheet in PDF format: usa_shade.pdf (6096x3800 pixels; about 13"x20" at 300 dpi; 2.9 MB using JPG-8 compression)

Download the accompanying pamphlet: i2206_pamphlet.pdf (16 pages; 7 MB [this file consists of scans of the printed paper version])

See the geology added to this map, Geologic Investigations Series I 2720

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