USGS National Computer Technology Meeting: Program and Abstracts, Norfolk, Virginia, May 17-22, 1992

U.S. Geological Survey, Open File Report 92-64

by B.H. Balthrop and E.G. Baker

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The U.S. Geological Survey is in the second year of implementing the Distributed Information System-II (DIS-II) program, which provides state-of-the-art computer technology to meet the Survey’s mission of providing the hydrologic information and understanding needed for the optimum use and management of the Nation’s water resources. In order to facilitate exchange of information among the many scientists, computer programmers, and systems administrators working in support of the DIS-II program, a series of technical meetings have been held in Denver, Colorado (1984), Hyannis, Massachusetts (1985), Atlanta, Georgia (1987), Phoenix, Arizona (1988), and San Antonio, Texas (1990). The Sixth National Computer Technology (NCTM ‘92) meeting, which was held in Norfolk, Virginia, in May 1992, focuses primarily on the transition from the current (1992) Distributed Information System-I program, which is a distributed base of minicomputers connected by a wide area network, to DIS-II, which is an expanded distributed system using file-servers and workstations connected by local area networks and the wide area networks.

This report contains abstracts presented at the NCTM ‘92 meeting in Norfolk. The abstracts are of technical papers, posters, and demonstrations of newly developed software running in the DIS-II computing environment presented at the meeting. The status of newly developed software for the hydrologic data bases, administrative and financial data bases, and application software also were presented. Interdivisional participation is a major thrust of NCTM ‘92 and presentations were made by personnel from all divisions in the U.S. Geological Survey.

Training continues to be a major part of the National Computer Technology Meeting. This year’s meeting includes training on computer security, data-base techniques, UNIX system administration, application software, and changes to the UNIX operating systems.

Colleen A. Babcock

Technical Coordinator


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