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USGS Open-File Report 95-001


This work was funded by the USGS Global Change and Climate History program, and we thank Dick Poore for his support of this research. The Bureau of Land Management permitted the USGS to drill on land in their jurisdiction, and we greatly appreciate the help that the district officials provided in obtaining the necessary permits. We thank Tod Hunter, Art Clark, Steve Grant, Brian Bretz, and the other members of the USGS drilling operation for their efforts in obtaining the Black Rock and Pit of Death cores. Bill Nash kindly identified the tephras in the cores, and Frank Brown and Steve Williams helped us in the examination of the Burmester core. Bret Givens, Jim Vigil, Cui Yulong, Kelly Conrad, Farley Fleming, Tom Ager, and Fitz Davis assisted in the drilling operation. Kelly Conrad and Owen Trepanier helped with the ostracode laboratory work. Lanhui Wu analyzed some of the paleomagnetic samples.

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