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 Economics and the 1995 National Assessment of U.S. Oil and Gas Resources
 Emil D. Attanasi

  U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-75-M

Table B-2. Province, play number and play names for continuous-type gas plays assessed. in the 1995 USGS National Oil and Gas Assessment

Province Play Number Play Name
Eastern Oregon-Washington 503 Columbia Basin- Basin-Centered gas
Uinta-Piceance Basin 2007 Tight Gas Piceance Mesaverde Williams Fork
Uinta-Piceance Basin 2010 Tight Gas Piceance Mesaverde Iles
Uinta-Piceance Basin 2015 Tight Gas Uinta Tertiary East
Uinta-Piceance Basin 2016 Tight Gas Uinta Tertiary West
Uinta-Piceance Basin 2018 Basin Flank Uinta Mesaverde
Uinta-Piceance Basin 2020 Deep Synclinal Uinta Mesaverde
San Juan Basin 2205 Dakota Central Basin Gas
San Juan Basin 2209 Central Basin Mesaverde Gas
San Juan Basin 2211 Pictured Cliffs Gas
Central Montana 2810 Northern Great Plains Biogenic Gas, High Potential
Central Montana 2811 Nothern Great Plains Biogenic Gas, Moderate Potential (Suffield Block Analog)
Central Montana 2812 Northern Great Plains Biogenic Gas, Low Potential
Williston Basin 3113 Southern Williston Basin Margin -Niobrara Shallow Biogenic
Southwestern Wyoming 3740 Greater Green River Basin-Cloverly-Frontier
Southwestern Wyoming 3741 Greater Green River Basin-Mesaverde
Southwestern Wyoming 3742 Greater Green River Basin-Lewis
Southwestern Wyoming 3743 Greater Green River Basin-Fox Hills-Lance
Southwestern Wyoming 3744 Greater Green River Basin-Fort Union
Denver Basin 3906 J Sandstone Deep Gas (Wattenberg)
Louisiana-Miss. Salt Basins. 4923 Cotton Valley Blanket Sandstones Gas
Michigan Basin 6319 Antrim Shale Gas, Developed Area
Michigan Basin 6320 Antrim Shale Gas, Undeveloped Area
Illinois Basin 6407 Illinois Basin- New Albany Shale Gas
Cincinnati Arch 6604 Devonian Black Shale Gas
Appalachian Basin 6728 Clinton/Medina Sandstone Gas High Potential
Appalachian Basin 6729 Clinton/Medina Sandstone Gas Medium Potential
Appalachian Basin 6730 Clinton/Medina Sandstone Gas Medium-Low Potential
Appalachian Basin 6733 Upper Devonian Sandstone Gas High Potential
Appalachian Basin 6734 Upper Devonian Sandstone Gas Medium Potential
Appalachian Basin 6735 Upper Devonian Sandstone Gas Medium-Low Potential
Appalachian Basin 6740 Devonian Black Shale-Greater Big Sandy
Appalachian Basin 6741 Devonian Black Shale-Greater Siltstone Content
Appalachian Basin 6742 Devonian Black Shale-Lower Thermal Maturity

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