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 Economics and the 1995 National Assessment of U.S. Oil and Gas Resources
 Emil D. Attanasi

  U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-75-M

Table B-3. Province, play number and play names for continuous-type oil plays assessed in the 1995 USGS National Oil and Gas Assessment.

Province Play Number Play Name
Uinta-Piceance Basin 2009 Cretaceous Self-Sourced Fractured Shales
Paradox Basin 2103 Fractured Interbed
San Juan Basin 2208 Mancos Fractured Shale
Central Montana 2804 Bakken Shale Fracture Systems
Williston Basin 3110 Bakken Fairway
Williston Basin 3111 Bakken Intermediate
Williston Basin 3112 Bakken Outlying
Denver Basin 3904 Greater Wattenberg Codell/Niobrara Oil and Gas
Denver Basin 3920 Fractured Niobrara-Greater Silo/Dale Salt-Edge Oil
Denver Basin 3921 Fractured Niobrara-Greater Northern Denver Basin Oil
Western Gulf 4747 Austin Chalk-Pearsall
Western Gulf 4748 Austin Chalk-Giddings
Western Gulf 4749 Austin Chalk-Outlying

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