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 Economics and the 1995 National Assessment of U.S. Oil and Gas Resources
 Emil D. Attanasi

  U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-75-M

Table B-4. Provinces, play codes and play names for coalbed gas plays assessed in the 1995 USGS National Oil and Gas Assessment

Province Play Number Play Name
W. Oregon-Washington 450 Bellingham
W. Oregon-Washington 451 W. Cascade Mountains
W. Oregon-Washington 452 Southern Puget Lowlands
Uinta-Piceance 2050 Uinta - Book Cliffs
Uinta-Piceance 2051 Uinta - Sego
Uinta-Piceance 2052 Uinta - Emery
Uinta-Piceance 2053 Piceance - White River Dome
Uinta-Piceance 2054 Piceance - Western Basin Margin
Uinta-Piceance 2055 Piceance - Grand Hogback
Uinta-Piceance 2056 Piceance - Divide Creek Anticline
San Juan 2250 Overpressured
San Juan 2252 Underpressured Discharge
San Juan 2253 Underpressured
Powder River 3350 Shallow Mining Related
Powder River 3351 Central Basin
Wind River 3550 Mesaverde
Southwestern Wyoming 3750 Rock Springs
Southwestern Wyoming 3751 Iles
Southwestern Wyoming 3752 Williams Fork
Southwestern Wyoming 3753 Almond
Southwestern Wyoming 3754 Lance
Southwestern Wyoming 3755 Fort Union
Raton 4150 Northern Raton
Raton 4151 Purgtoire River
Raton 4152 Southern Raton
Forest City 5650 Central Basin
Cherokee Platform 6050 Central Basin
Arkoma 6250 Anticline
Arkoma 6251 Syncline
Illinois 6450 Central Basin
Black Warrior 6550 Recharge
Black Warrior 6551 Southeastern Basin
Black Warrior 6552 Coastal Plain
Black Warrior 6553 Central and Western Basin
Appalachian 6750 Northern Appalachian Anticline
Appalachian 6751 Northern Appalachian Syncline
Appalachian 6752 Central Appalachian
Appalachian 6753 Canhaba Field

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