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Open-File Report 95–0831
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Preliminary Compilation of Descriptive Geoenvironmental Mineral Deposit Models

Edited By Edward A. du Bray

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This book was released in paper form in June, 1996. After its release, it was converted to digital form as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files using Acrobat version 2.1. The Acrobat presentation you are accessing is a facsimile of the published book. A few minor editorial changes were made to the book to correct errors and some of the figures have been enhanced. The figures are the same as those in the book, but some have been reprocessed or redrafted and others converted from grayscale to color to make them more useable. In January 2004, the book was enhanced with the creation of a Navigation page, plus the addition of links, web links and bookmarks to improve ease of use.


The book was split into separate files to minimize download times for World Wide Web presentation.

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Posted April 2004

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Title Page


Contents Page




Chapter 1

Geoenvironmental Models of Mineral Deposits—Fundamentals and Applications

Chapter 2

Bioavailability of Metals

Chapter 3

Geophysical Methods in Exploration and Mineral Environmental Investigations

Chapter 4

Magmatic Sulfide Deposits

Chapter 5

Serpentine- and Carbonate-hosted Asbestos Deposits

Chapter 6

Carbonatite Deposits

Chapter 7

Th-rare Earth Element Vein Deposits

Chapter 8

Sn and (or) W Skarn and Replacement Deposits

Chapter 9

Vein and Greisen Sn and W Deposits

Chapter 10

Climax Mo Deposits

Chapter 11

Porphyry Cu Deposits

Chapter 12

Cu, Au, and Zn-Pb Skarn Deposits

Chapter 13

Fe Skarn Deposits

Chapter 14

Polymetallic Vein and Replacement Deposits

Chapter 15

Au-Ag-Te Vein Deposits

Chapter 16

Volcanic-associated Massive Sulfide Deposits

Chapter 17

Blackbird Co-Cu Deposits

Chapter 18

Creede, Comstock, and Sado Epithermal Vein Deposits

Chapter 19

Epithermal Quartz-Alunite Au Deposits

Chapter 20

Epithermal Mn Deposits

Chapter 21

Rhyolite-hosted Sn Deposits

Chapter 22

Low-Ti Iron Oxide Cu-U-Au-REE Deposits

Chapter 23

Sediment-hosted Au Deposits

Chapter 24

Almaden Hg Deposits

Chapter 25

Silica-carbonate Hg Deposits

Chapter 26

Stibnite-Quartz Deposits

Chapter 27

Algoma Fe Deposits

Chapter 28

Sediment-hosted Cu Deposits

Chapter 29

Sedimentary Exhalative Zn-Pb-Ag Deposits

Chapter 30

Mississippi Valley-type Pb-Zn Deposits

Chapter 31

Solution-collapse Breccia Pipe U Deposits

Chapter 32

Superior Fe Deposits

Chapter 33

Sedimentary Mn Deposits

Chapter 34

Low Sulfide Au Quartz Veins

Chapter 35

Stratabound Au in Iron Formations logo