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Open-File Report 96-272

Offshore Gas Hydrate Sample Database with an Overview and Preliminary Analysis

James S. Booth
U.S. Geological Survey
Northeast Section
Marine and Coastal Geology Program
Woods Hole

Mary M. Rowe
Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center

Kathleen M. Fischer
Naval Research Laboratory
Stennis Space Center

June 1996

Table of Contents

1. Synopsis
2. Introduction
3. Profile of Gas Hydrate Sample Data
3.1 Geographic locations
3.2 Water depth and subseabed depth
3.3 Physiographic provinces and tectonic settings
3.4 Habit or mode of occurrence
3.5 Associated Sediment Textures
3.6 Thickness of Hydrate Zones and Dimensions of Pure Hydrates
3.7 Origin: Biogenic vs. Thermogenic
4. Sample, BSR, and Phase Boundary Relationships
5. Salient Tendencies of Gas Hydrate Samples
6. Acknowledgments
7. Bibliography
7.1 Gas Hydrate Sample Database
7.2 Methane Hydrate Phase Boundary Estimates
7.3 Cited in Text
7.4 Gas Hydrate Overviews
8. Appendix: Column Descriptions for Database
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Booth, J.S., Rowe, M.M., and Fischer, K.M., 1996, Offshore gas hydrate sample database with an overview and preliminary analysis: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 96-272, 1 plate. ONLINE

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